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Discovering Sociolinguistics Dick Smakman

Discovering Sociolinguistics par Dick Smakman

Discovering Sociolinguistics Dick Smakman

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Discovering Sociolinguistics Résumé

Discovering Sociolinguistics: From Theory to Practice Dick Smakman

This engagingly written textbook provides a unique 'hands-on' introduction to sociolinguistics, which equips readers with the tools to start their own sociolinguistic research project. The book begins by outlining the historical, theoretical and cultural space in which language use occurs, before delving into the key topics and concepts of today's field. It examines the choices speakers make in everyday life and assesses language and status across the world, by investigating variation in cultural norms. Sociolinguistic variables such as age and gender are surveyed, along with the socio-cultural context of second language acquisition. The second half of the book equips readers with the skills needed to undertake sociolinguistic research of their own. This is an ideal introductory text for students taking courses in sociolinguistics, language and society, language in use or language variation.

Discovering Sociolinguistics Avis

Combining fascinating details and insights drawn from languages and societies around the world, this book provides a truly global introduction to sociolinguistics as a field of study. * Patrick Heinrich, Ca' Foscari University of Venice, Italy *
The strength of this book is to present the complex field of sociolinguistics in a clear way, which guides readers through the process of undertaking research. It demonstrates that rather than being an intellectual pastime sociolinguistic research can actually be useful. * Florian Coulmas, University of Duisburg-Essen, Germany *
Smakman's Discovering Sociolinguistics is genuinely reflective of its title, and a valuable introductory text. It offers practical insights for budding researchers of sociolinguistics, clearly introducing readers to a broad range of useful methods, as well as providing diverse and international coverage of the field. This is an original and valuable book, especially for those starting out in the discipline of sociolinguistics. * Peter Sercombe, Newcastle University, UK *

À propos de Dick Smakman

Dick Smakman is a Lecturer in Sociolinguistics and Language Acquisition at Leiden University, the Netherlands.


PART 1: INTRODUCING SOCIOLINGUISTICS 1. Early Sociolinguistics The birth of a field 2. Sociolinguistics today The modern study of language in a social space 3. The good language Language norms and ideology 4. Language variation The various shapes of language 5. The language of culture Practices and belief systems as sociolinguistic variables PART 2: UNDERSTANDING SOCIOLINGUISTICS 6. Speaker fate and choices The individual in a sociolinguistic space 7. The language of a lifetime Age and time as sociolinguistic factors 8. Being a woman or a man Gender as a sociolinguistic variable 9. The people's language Folk Linguistics & Perceptual Dialectology 10. What say you? Attitudes about language 11. Second Language Sociolinguistics Linguistic choices by learners 12. The more equal language Language and status across the globe PART 3: PROCESSING SOCIOLINGUISTICS <13. Ready, set, research Steps towards a sociolinguistic research project 14. Crunching numbers Introducing statistics 15. The sounds of language Introducing Phonetics from a Sociolinguistic point of view 16. Write it down Introducing the sociolinguistic research report PART 4: DOING SOCIOLINGUISTICS 17. Language out there Investigating naturally occurring language 18. Speak to me Investigating elicited language 19. While you were speaking Investigating ongoing communication 20. Don't get me started Investigating attitudes and perceptions

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Discovering Sociolinguistics: From Theory to Practice Dick Smakman
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