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Varieties of Modern English Diane Davies

Varieties of Modern English par Diane Davies

Varieties of Modern English Diane Davies

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'Varieties of Modern English' gives readers the tools needed to understand the diversity of the English language and the issues surrounding it.

Varieties of Modern English Résumé

Varieties of Modern English: An Introduction Diane Davies

The 'story' of English is continually re-told and re-written, as more and more people use the language and have a part in shaping the way it develops.

Varieties of Modern English

provides a critical introduction to the study of regional, social, gendered, context- and medium-related varieties of the language, and explores some of the debates concerning the role and impact of English in different parts of the world today.

Beginning by outlining the main types of variation in language, the book focuses on the link between language or dialect and the construction of both group and individual identities. Issues of identity are crucial to chapters on the roots of Modern English, on gender and English, on ethnicity and English and on English as an international language. As well as looking at a range of 'users' of the language, Davies also explores many of its 'uses' and modes, including the English of literary texts, advertising, newspaper reporting and commentary, political speeches, email and text messaging.

Written in a discursive, student-friendly style, the book also provides:

* A rich mix of illustrative material

* End-of-chapter Activities and related Comments at the end of the book

* Suggestions for further reading

Varieties of Modern English provides a thought-provoking overview of its subject and will be invaluable reading for students of English Language and Linguistics.

À propos de Diane Davies

Diane Davies is a Lecturer in Applied Linguistics and TESOL in the School of Education at the University of Leicester


  1. Setting Out
  2. Studying Varieties
  3. The March of Modern English
  4. English as a Global Perspective
  5. Ethnicity and Varieties of English
  6. Gender, Sexuality and English
  7. Speech, Writing and New Media
  8. English in Context
  9. English and Power
  10. The Future of English as an International Language



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Varieties of Modern English: An Introduction Diane Davies
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