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Sociolinguistics - The Essential Readings CB Paulston

Sociolinguistics - The Essential Readings par CB Paulston

Sociolinguistics - The Essential Readings CB Paulston

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* Offers a collection of classic articles that helped to define the field of sociolinguistics paired with more contemporary articles. * Contextualizes the history of the subject matter and helps students understand the progression of intellectual development in the field.

Sociolinguistics - The Essential Readings Résumé

Sociolinguistics - The Essential Readings CB Paulston

Sociolinguistics: The Essential Readings is a collection of classic articles that have helped define the field of sociolinguistics and provide the foundation for future research, paired with more recent articles which indicate the direction the field has taken. * Offers a collection of classic articles that helped to define the field of sociolinguistics paired with more contemporary articles. * Contextualizes the history of the subject matter and helps students understand the progression of intellectual development in the field. * Includes an editorial introduction written by two prominent researchers in the field, as well as recommendations for further readings.

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Students who are new to the field at last have the opportunity to read the major seminal works by Ferguson, Fishman, Hymes, Labov, and a host of other luminaries while being guided regarding the relationship of these works to the developmental history of the field by concise but comprehensive introductions to each topic and by well--thought--out discussion questions at the end of each section. I heartily recommend this book to my colleagues and plan to use it myself in my introductory courses. Paul Lewis, SIL International Sociolinguistics has grown so dramatically that a book of essential readings has become vitally necessary. Paulston and Tucker have put together a superb sample of the critical and the seminal, making this volume a milestone in its field. Joseph Lo Bianco, Language Australia: NLLIA The combination of classic articles with more recent seminal articles will be welcomed by all students of the discipline as a most timely publication. The editors' introductory comments, the bibliographies, and their recommendations for further reading help make the book an invaluable work of reference. Theo J. M. van Els, University of Nijmegen

À propos de CB Paulston

Christina Bratt Paulston is Professor Emerita of Linguistics at the University of Pittsburgh. Her publications include Linguistic Minorities of Central and Eastern Europe (edited with Don Peckham, 1998), Memories and Reflections (edited with G. Richard Tucker, 1997), and Sociolinguistic Perspectives on Bilingual Education (1992). G. Richard Tucker is Professor of Applied Linguistics and Head of the Department of Modern Languages at Carnegie Mellon University. He has published almost two hundred books, articles, and reviews concerning diverse aspects of second language learning and teaching, including The Bilingual Education of Children (1972).


Notes on Authors. Preface. Acknowledgments. Part I: History of Sociolinguistics:. Introduction. A Brief History of American Sociolinguistics: Roger W. Shuy. Reflections on the Origins of Sociolinguistics in Europe: Louis--Jean Calvet. Part II: Ethnography of Speaking:. Introduction. Models of Interaction of Language and Social Life: Dell Hymes. Lands I Came to Sing: Negotiating Identities and Places in the Tuscan Contrasto: Valentina Pagliai. Part III: Pragmatics:. Introduction. Narrative and Discourse Analysis. Narrative Analysis: Oral Versions of Personal Experience: William Labov and Joshua Waletzky. Narrative Analysis: Thirty Years Later: Emanuel A. Schegloff. Narrative Structure: Some Contrasts between Maori and Pakeha Story--telling: Janet Holmes. Conversational Analysis. Contextualization Conventions: John J. Gumperz. Address Studies. The Pronouns of Power and Solidarity: Roger Brown and Albert Gilman. Speech Acts. Compliments: Janet Holmes. Part IV: Language and Gender:. Introduction. Selections from Language and Womana s Place: Robin Lakoff. The Relativity of Linguistic Strategies: Rethinking Power and Solidarity in Gender Dominance: Deborah Tannen. Part V: Language and Variation:. Introduction. Some Sociolinguistic Principles: William Labov. On Constructing Vernacular Dialect Norms: Walt Wolfram. The Linguistic Individual in an American Public--Opinion Survey: Barbara Johnstone. Part VI: Pidgins and Creoles:. Introduction. Trade Jargons and Creole Dialects as Marginal Languages: John E. Reinecke. Part VII: Individual Bilingualism:. Introduction. A Social Psychology of Bilingualism: Wallace E. Lambert. BICS and CALP: Origins and Rationale for the Distinction: Jim Cummins. Linguistic Diversity, Schooling, and Social Class: Rethinking Our Conception of Language Proficiency in Language Minority Education: Jeff MacSwan and Kellie Rolstad. Part VIII: Diglossia:. Introduction. Diglossia: Charles Ferguson. Bilingualism With and Without Diglossia: Joshua A. Fishman. Toward the Systematic Study of Diglossia: Alan Hudson. Part IX: Group Bilingualism:. Introduction. Empirical Explorations of Two Popular Assumptions: Interpolity Perspective on the Relationships between Linguistic Heterogeneity, Civil Strife, and Per Capita Gross National Product: Joshua A. Fishman. Linguistic Minorities and Language Policies: Christina Bratt Paulston. Part X: Language Policies and Planning:. Introduction. Dialect, Language, Nation: Einar Haugen. Language Planning Goals: A Classification: Moshe Nahir. Literacy and Language Planning: Nancy H. Hornberger. Part XI: Multilingualism, Policies and Education:. Introduction. A Global Perspective on Bilingualism and Bilingual Education: G. Richard Tucker. Language Policies and Language Rights: Christina Bratt Paulston. Index.

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Sociolinguistics - The Essential Readings CB Paulston
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