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Old English Poetry R.M. Liuzza

Old English Poetry By R.M. Liuzza

Old English Poetry by R.M. Liuzza

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Old English Poetry Summary

Old English Poetry: An Anthology by R.M. Liuzza

R.M. Liuzza's Broadview edition of Beowulf was published at almost exactly the same time as Seamus Heaney's; in reviewing the two together in July 2000 for The New York Review of Books, Frank Kermode concluded that both translations were superior to their predecessors, and that it was impossible to choose between the two: the less celebrated translator can be matched with the famous one, he wrote, and Liuzza's book is in some respects more useful than Heaney's. Ever since, the Liuzza Beowulf has remained among the top sellers on the Broadview list.

With this volume readers will now be able to enjoy a much broader selection of Old English poetry in translations by Liuzza. As the collection demonstrates, the range and diversity of the works that have survived is extraordinary-from heartbreaking sorrow to wide-eyed wonder, from the wisdom of old age to the hot blood of battle, and to the deepest and most poignant loneliness. There is breathless storytelling and ponderous cataloguing; there is fervent religious devotion and playful teasing. The poems translated here are meant to provide a sense of some of this range and diversity; in doing so they also offer significant portions of three of the important manuscripts of Old English poetry-the Vercelli Book, the Junius Manuscript, and the Exeter Book.

Old English Poetry Reviews

With a poet's eye and a scholar's touch, the acclaimed translator of Beowulf has given us a superb volume for both the common reader and the literature classroom. All the major Old English poetry is here, beautifully translated into living English verse, introduced and annotated by an expert Anglo-Saxon scholar. Liuzza's anthology of highly accurate, scholarly, poetic translations captures the full expressive range of the oldest poetry in English: the mournful note of elegy, the profound beat of wisdom poetry, the ardent music of faith, and the high songs of heroic fame. - Andrew Scheil, University of Minnesota

The translations are beautiful-those of the elegies quite stunningly so. ... Overall, this is a wonderful anthology. - Andrew Scheil, University of Minnesota

About R.M. Liuzza

Contributing Editor & Translator R.M. Liuzza, a Professor in the English Department at the University of Toronto, is one of the general editors of The Broadview Anthology of British Literature.

Table of Contents

  • Introduction
  • Preface - The Birth of Poetry
  • 1. Bede, Historia Ecclesiastica IV.24 [The Story of Caedmon]
  • Elegies - Complaint and Consolation
  • 1. The Wanderer
  • 2. The Seafarer
  • 3. Deor
  • 4. Wulf and Eadwacer
  • 5. The Wife's Lament
  • 6. The Ruin
  • Wisdom - The Order of Wonder
  • 1. The Cotton Maxims
  • 2. The Gifts of Men
  • 3. The Fortunes of Men
  • 4. Vainglory
  • 5. The Order of the World
  • 6. Exeter Book Riddles
  • 7. Old English metrical charms
  • Faith - Heaven's High King
  • 1. Advent (Christ I)
  • 2. Seasons for Fasting
  • 3. Exodus
  • 4. Daniel
  • 5. The Dream of the Rood
  • 6. Andreas
  • 7. The Fates of the Apostles
  • 8. Judith
  • Fame - Heroes and History
  • 1. The Battle of Maldon
  • 2. The Battle of Brunanburh
  • 3. The Finnsburh Fragment
  • 4. Widsith

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Old English Poetry: An Anthology by R.M. Liuzza
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