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Books by Will Eisner

WILL EISNER (1917-2005) is one of the most beloved and important creators in comics. The comics industry's most prestigious award, the Eisners, was created in his honour. ANN EISNER married Will in 1950. She runs the non-profit organisation the Will & Ann Eisner Family Foundation and engages in other charitable activities. EDDIE CAMPBELL is an award winning comics writer and artist. His work includes From Hell with Alan Moore as well as the autobiographical Alec: The Years Have Pants and The Playwright (with Daren White). He lives in Brisbane Australia. GENERAL PETER J. SCHOOMAKER, USA (Ret.) served in the United States Army from 1969 to 2000 and then was recalled to active duty as the 35th U.S. Army Chief of Staff from 2003 to 2007.
New York By Will Eisner
New Yorkby Will Eisner
Very Good
A Contract with God By Will Eisner
A Contract with Godby Will Eisner
Very Good
City People Notebook By Will Eisner
City People Notebookby Will Eisner
The Dreamer By Will Eisner
The Dreamerby Will Eisner
Invisible People By Will Eisner
Invisible Peopleby Will Eisner
Very Good
Graphic Storytelling By Will Eisner
Graphic Storytellingby Will Eisner
Well Read
The Spirit: No. 32 By Will Eisner
The Spirit: No. 32by Will Eisner
Rare Books
Old & Rare
Roberts Rules Of Order By Will Eisner
Roberts Rules Of Orderby Will Eisner
Like New
Life on Another Planet By Will Eisner
Life on Another Planetby Will Eisner
Well Read
Art of Will Eisner By Will Eisner
Art of Will Eisnerby Will Eisner