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Books by Robin Jacobs

Matthew Hodson is a Leeds-based illustrator operating under the moniker Matthew the Horse. His editorial work has featured in The Guardian, New York Times, The Economist and countless other publications. He is a winner of an AOI award, 2016, and the author of a book of poems, Forwards Always.

Robin Jacobs is an advertising creative living and working in Lon- don. Having trained originally in illustration, she runs screenprinting workshops around the UK and has curated a childrens' print fair in Bristol. She is the author of You Are Here (Cicada 2015).

All About Flags By Robin Jacobs
All About Flagsby Robin Jacobs
Passport By Robin Jacobs
Passportby Robin Jacobs
Very Good
The Mellons Build a House By Robin Jacobs
The Mellons Build a Houseby Robin Jacobs
Like New
Don't Hug the Pug! By Robin Jacobs
Don't Hug the Pug!by Robin Jacobs
Very Good
The Missing Trick By Robin Jacobs
The Missing Trickby Robin Jacobs
Like New
You Are Here By Robin Jacobs
You Are Hereby Robin Jacobs
Don't Hug the Pug By Robin Jacobs
Don't Hug the Pugby Robin Jacobs
Very Good