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Piet Oudolf is a native of Holland and originally studied to be an architect. Instead of designing buildings he became the founder of New Wave planting, a movement which takes inspiration from nature but employs artistic skill in creating planting schemes. As a plantsman, his aim is to emphasize the form, texture, and natural harmony of plants, and as a skilled plant breeder, he creates new varieties for these and other specific design purposes. His style is the result of the influence of various horticultural traditions such as the combination of Dutch formality and naturalistic planting styles. Oudolf has designed gardens in Holland and Germany, and a public park in Sweden. In the UK , he has created a much-publicized garden in Hampshire and is about to embark on a wildlife park in Norfolk. His own garden and nursery, opened with his wife in 1982 near Arnhem, Holland, has become world-famous. It has appeared in magazines such as Gardens Illustrated, House and Garden, The Independent, Perspectives, and Maire Claire Maison. Oudolf is also the subject of a chapter in Page Dickey's book, Breaking Ground, which profiles ten of the world's foremost contemporary garden designers. He collaborated with garden designer Arne Maynard to create the garden showpiece "Evolution", which was awarded the illustrious Best in Show and a gold medal at the Chelsea Flower Show 2000. Oudolf also partnered in 2000 with Kathryn Gustafson's design team from Seattle, WA to win the design competition for the monumental Millenium Garden, the new focal point for the heart of Chicago. NoA"l Kingsbury is a leading expert in contemporary naturalistic planting design and has always been on the cutting edge of new developments, popularizing a naturalistic and sustainable planting style. NoA"l is a well-known writer on plants and gardens, and he regularly contributes to Hortus, The English Garden, and the Royal Horticultural Society's magazine, The Garden. He lectures regularly in the United States at flower shows and horticultural societies. Noel promotes quality planting in public spaces and is associated with the Landscape Department at the University of Sheffield. A lover of wild spaces and wildflowers in natural environments, NoA"l gardens in a way that expresses this passion. He is especially fond of the way plants group naturally when left to their own devices. He is pleased to be part of the naturalistic planting movement and believes that "Gardening for myself and for a lot of people is an opportunity to be close to nature."
Piet Oudolf By Piet Oudolf
Piet Oudolfby Piet Oudolf
Designing with Plants By Piet Oudolf
Designing with Plantsby Piet Oudolf
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