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Books by Nick Pollard

Nick Pollard is the cofounder and International Director of Damaris. He is an accomplished author speaker and broadcaster. He has written 6 books, appeared on many radio and TV programs, and has spoken in countless venues across the world. Steve spent ten years as a church youth worker and writer in a variety of places, before joining the Damaris team. He is currently Managing Editor of RE Lessons Online, Editor of Talks To Go, and a Commissioning Editor for Damaris Publishing. Steve lives in Bournemouth with his wife Ann and their son Peter. Tony Watkins is a speaker, trainer and workshop leader for the Damaris Trust, an organization that helps people relate contemporary culture and Christian faith. He serves as managing editor for Damaris's CultureWatch website and frequently reviews and writes about film, music, books and other media. He is based in Southampton, England. Annie Porterhouse is a Christian author, living in England. Her first two novels, published by Scripture Union, are Dear Bob and Love Jude. She has also contributed to three other books (non-fiction) and had many articles published. Peter S. Williams (MA, MPhil) is a philosopher and apologist with several books to his name and a particular expertise in working with students. In addition to working with the Damaris Trust, Peter is Assistant Professor in Communication and Worldviews at Gimlekollen School of Journalism and Communication in Norway. He has authored A Sceptic's Guide to Atheism: God Is Not Dead (Paternoster, 2009); I Wish I Could Believe In Meaning: A Response To Nihilism (Damaris, 2004); The Case For Angels (Paternoster, 2002) and The Case For God (Monarch, 1999). Steve Tilley is a Church of England clergyman in Somerset. He works in a number of local churches trying to help them work out what it means to be a Christian today. Truth be told, he reckons the churches help him more than he helps them. In his spare time he cooks, reads, plays with keyboards, accumulates a ridiculous collection of unpopular music, does a bit of creative writing and restacks the dishwasher properly so it will work. He blogs at Caroline Puntis is a co-author of Playing God. Louise Crook is co-author of Sex and the Cynics