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Mike Clayton is a best-selling author and trainer, and a regular speaker about personal effectiveness, project management and effective communication. After a PhD and a spell in academic research, Mike spent the first part of his professional career managing projects and integrating complex change for clients working at international consulting firm Deloitte. During that time he learned that success is largely down to four things: intelligent persistence, following a sound process, a well-selected set of tools and techniques, and the support of your stakeholders. Mike has spent much of the last twenty years developing and honing his tools for engaging and influencing people.

He spent a large amount of the second part of his career training people in just this, alongside other management, leadership, and personal effectiveness topics. Between 2002 and 2008, he founded two training businesses and continues to provide tailored training for selected clients. Nothing teaches the importance of The Influence Agenda like building and running a business.

Now in the third stage of his professional career, Mike spends most of his time writing, and speaking at seminars and conferences. Now a best-selling author, The Influence Agenda is Mike's twelfth book to be published. He lives in Hampshire, England, with his wife and daughter. Mike's website is
The Influence Agenda By M. Clayton
The Influence Agendaby M. Clayton
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The Influence Agenda By M. Clayton
The Influence Agendaby M. Clayton