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Books by Joseph Howse

Joseph Howse (Joe) is fanciful. So to him, the virtual world always seemed to reach out into reality. One of his earliest memories is of watching an animated time-bomb on the screen of a Tandy Color Computer. The animation was programmed in BASIC by Joe's older brother, Sam, who explained, "I'm making a bomb. Get ready!"The bomb exploded in a rain of dots and a rumble of beeps as Joe and Sam ran to hide from the fallout. Today, Joe still fancies that a computer program can blast a tunnel into reality. As a hobby, he likes looking at reality through the tunnel of a digital camera's lens. As a career, he develops augmented reality software, which uses cameras and other sensors to composite real and virtual scenes interactively in real time. Joe holds a Master of Computer Science degree from Dalhousie University. He does research on software architecture as applied to augmented reality. Joe works at Ad-Dispatch, an augmented reality company, where he develops applications for mobile devices, kiosks, and the Web. Joe likes cats, kittens, oceans, and seas. Felines and saline water sustain him. He lives with his multi-species family in Halifax, on Canada's Atlantic coast. Prateek Joshi is a computer vision researcher with a primary focus on content-based analysis. He is particularly interested in intelligent algorithms that can understand images to produce scene descriptions in terms of constituent objects. He has a master's degree from the University of Southern California, specializing in computer vision. He was elected to become a member of the Honor Society for academic excellence and an ambassador for the School of Engineering. Over the course of his career, he has worked for companies such as Nvidia, Microsoft Research, Qualcomm, and a couple of early stage start-ups in Silicon Valley. His work in this field has resulted in multiple patents, tech demos, and research papers at major IEEE conferences. He has won many hackathons using a wide variety of technologies related to image recognition. He enjoys blogging about topics such as artificial intelligence, abstract mathematics, and cryptography. His blog has been visited by users in more than 200 countries, and he has been featured as a guest author in prominent tech magazines. Michael Beyeler is a PhD candidate in the department of computer science at the University of California, Irvine, where he is working on computational models of the brain as well as their integration into autonomous brain-inspired robots. His work on vision-based navigation, learning, and cognition has been presented at IEEE conferences and published in international journals. Currently, he is one of the main developers of CARLsim, an open source GPGPU spiking neural network simulator. This is his first technical book that, in contrast to his (or any) dissertation, might actually be read. Michael has professional programming experience in Python, C/C++, CUDA, MATLAB, and Android. Born and raised in Switzerland, he received a BSc degree in electrical engineering and information technology, as well as a MSc degree in biomedical engineering from ETH Zurich. When he is not "nerding out" on robots, he can be found on top of a snowy mountain, in front of a live band, or behind the piano.