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Books by Arthur Gordon

Arthur Gordon was born in Scotland and spent his childhood in Glasgow and Edinburgh. During the school summer holiday he visited many of the Scottish islands such as Arran and Mull. Arthur has spent much of his working life in Devon and he is very much a Westcountry character. He is a graduate in economics from the University of Exeter. He also completed a post graduate course in farm management at Seale-Hayne College. For many years Arthur worked as a civil servant. He now lives by the coast in beautiful South Devon. Arthur has a family background steeped in literature and the arts. His father is a retired senior journalist and his two brothers and sister are also journalists. He enjoys literature and the creative art of writing. His poetry has broad appeal and covers a diversity of subjects. Arthur writes about his reminiscences of family life as a child in Scotland. Much of his recent work is inspired by his travels and extensive knowledge of the West Country. In particular he writes about the coast and seaside, the abundant marine life and local wildlife. Arthur has a special descriptive and poetic style. The intention is to create a realistic perspective, rather like a good oil painting. In terms of interests, Arthur very much has an interest in the economic well-being and promotion of the West Country as well as the preservation of its unique countryside, marine environment and heritage. Arthur's hobbies include classical music and swimming.
The Princess of the Sea By Arthur Gordon
The Princess of the Seaby Arthur Gordon
Very Good
Touch of Wonder By Arthur Gordon
Touch of Wonderby Arthur Gordon
Well Read
A Touch of Wonder By Arthur Gordon
A Touch of Wonderby Arthur Gordon
Wendy and Pegasus By Arthur Gordon
Wendy and Pegasusby Arthur Gordon
Wings in the Wilderness By Arthur Gordon
Wings in the Wildernessby Arthur Gordon
Very Good