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Inari Sami Folklore August V. Koskimies

Inari Sami Folklore By August V. Koskimies

Inari Sami Folklore by August V. Koskimies

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A rich multivoiced anthology of folktales, legends, joik songs, proverbs, riddles, and other verbal art, this is the most comprehensive collection of Sami oral tradition available in English to date. Collected in the 1880s, the material reveals a complex web of social relations that existed both inside and far beyond the community.

Inari Sami Folklore Summary

Inari Sami Folklore: Stories from Aanaar by August V. Koskimies

A rich multivoiced anthology of folktales, legends, joik songs, proverbs, riddles, and other verbal art, this is the most comprehensive collection of Sami oral tradition available in English to date. Collected by August V. Koskimies and Toivo I. Itkonen in the 1880s from nearly two dozen storytellers from the arctic Aanaar (Inari) region of northeast Finland, the material reveals a complex web of social relations that existed both inside and far beyond the community.

First published in 1918 only in the Aanaar Sami language and in Finnish, this anthology is now available in a centennial English-language edition for a global readership. Translator Tim Frandy has added biographies of the storytellers, maps and period photos, annotations, and a glossary. In headnotes that contextualize the stories, he explains such underlying themes as Aanaar conflicts with neighboring Sami and Finnish communities, the collapse of the wild reindeer populations less than a century before, and the pre-Christian past in Aanaar. He introduces us to the bawdy humor of Antti Kitti, the didacticism of Iisakki Mannermaa, and the feminist leanings of Juho Petteri Lusmaniemi, emphasizing that folktales and proverbs are rooted in the experiences of individuals who are links in a living tradition.

Inari Sami Folklore Reviews

Frandy has made visible a goldmine of folklore that has been invisible to outsiders, and he introduces it in a deeply informed, nuanced context. - Krister Stoor, Umea University

A glimpse of a wide range of oral genres from a little-known Sami group during the nineteenth century that will fascinate people interested in the folklore of the Sami, Scandinavian studies, and the study of Indigenous communities. - John Lindow, University of California, Berkeley

A work of intellectual and cultural repatriation that re-asserts SAmi intellectual and cultural sovereignty within the field of global literature. . . . The text demonstrates how even texts and monuments taken hundreds of years ago in the name of nationalizing projects can be re-appropriated, re-signified, and ultimately returned to their communities. - Asymptote

About August V. Koskimies

Tim Frandy is an assistant professor in the Department of Folk Studies and Anthropology at Western Kentucky University. A member of the Sami American community, he has been active in Indigenous cultural revitalization movements in North America and Scandinavia.

Table of Contents

  • Preface
  • Acknowledgments
  • Introduction
  • Storyteller Biographies
  • Glossary of Frequently Used SAmi Terms
  • Index of Significant Place-Names
  • 1 Songs
  • Joik Songs
  • Cradle Song
  • Bear Song
  • Reindeer Song
  • Raven Song
  • The Tawny Owl
  • Whitefish Livde
  • Trout
  • The Old Man
  • HAEAEnda-Maati Joik
  • Taavvad-Piera Joik
  • ListrOEm
  • Aila-Jussa
  • Ristnaa-PiAEtar
  • Eerki-Piera
  • Other Songs
  • Stuorravuona (Isovuono) Market Song
  • The Girl's Song
  • This and That
  • VAEinAEmOEinen's Nephew
  • I Saw
  • Daughter and Mother Song
  • The FiancEe's Beauty
  • 2 Animal Tales
  • The Fox's Tale
  • The Fox's Tale, Version 2
  • The Fox and the Fisherman
  • The Story of the Fox's Blindness
  • The Man and the Bear
  • The Bear and Fox's Wild Reindeer Hunt
  • The Mouse and the Cat
  • The Raven and the Fox
  • The Horse and the Wolf
  • The Fox and the Hare
  • The Wagtail and the Dipper
  • The Story of the Moose and the Bear
  • 3 Fairy Tales
  • The Poor Boy and the King's Daughter
  • The Great Lord's Son-in-Law
  • The Boy and the Golden Bird
  • Acorn Finding
  • Endless Discontent
  • The Reindeer Calf's Hooves
  • Mattias the Fearless and the Devil & Mattias the Fearless
  • The Man Who Lashed His Fortune
  • The Story of Three Girls
  • 4 Short Tales
  • The Resourceful Boy
  • The King and the Bank Thief
  • A Merchant
  • God's Miracles
  • MeniS-Antti's Life Story
  • The Poor Boy's Wedding Luck
  • 5 Humorous Stories and Anecdotes
  • The Noaidi Axe
  • The Travels of the Cudit
  • The Wife's Stupidity
  • Shingle-Stick
  • The Story of the Girl's Spinning Rack
  • The Girl and Her Suitor
  • The Fool's Doorposts
  • Three Lazy People
  • Good Day-Axe Handle
  • It Is Truly True
  • The Butter Churn
  • The Wild Reindeer Hunters
  • 6 Belief Legends
  • Etiological Legends
  • Aaccan, Who Tarred the Moon
  • The StAllu
  • The StAllu, Version 1
  • The StAllu, Version 2
  • The StAllu, Version 3
  • The StAllu, Version 4
  • The StAllu, Version 5
  • Andras Pejvi
  • Gufihtarat
  • The Maker of Seven Churches
  • Gufihtar
  • Cahalig-Treasure Guardians
  • Cahalig
  • Cahalig, Version 2
  • Giants
  • A Giant Fights with Small Men
  • Two Giants
  • The Sieidi
  • The Sieidi Root Cluster
  • A Story about AEjjih Island
  • The Sieidi of Ij-jAEvri
  • Noaidi Tales
  • The Old Man Noaidi
  • Skolt SAmi Noaiddit
  • The Noaidi Wife
  • The Moose Skiers
  • Two Jealous People
  • Shapeshifting Tales
  • The Whitefish Daughter-in-Law
  • The Whitefish Daughter-in-Law, Version 2
  • The Bear Daughter-in-Law
  • Ghost Hauntings
  • SArnoo kurrA (Speaker's Gorge)
  • The Haunting of the Old Deceased Noaidi
  • The Haunting of the Old Deceased Noaidi, Version 2
  • The Pastor and the Sexton
  • 7 Historical and Regional Legends
  • SiggA's Legend
  • SiggA's Weeping Strait
  • The Cannibal Vuolli of Ij-jAEvri
  • The Maiden Hannaa 's Decapitation Story
  • The Dead Constable
  • The Fight of the Constables
  • The Late Raassa
  • PiAEjaa
  • Famed Antt-PiAEttar's Eelli , FiancE-Waiter
  • She Who Went to Sleep as a Maiden and Woke as a Wife
  • 8 Stories about Cudit
  • Cudit
  • The Cudit on the Move
  • A Story from the Time of Cudit
  • The Boy Who Hunted with a Bow
  • The Boy Who Hunted with a Bow, Version 2
  • The Death of the Cudit
  • Futile Fear
  • The Disobedient Daughter
  • Lauruka
  • The Cudit Fall into a Ravine
  • The Cudit Drown in the Rapids
  • The Cudit Die of Hunger
  • The Cudit Drown in Lake Aanaar; Hundred Pine Island
  • Hundred Pine Island, Version 2
  • Lauruka Kills Cudit with a Sword
  • 9 Peeivih-Vualappa
  • The Feats of Peeivih-Vualappa
  • About Peeivih-Vualappa 's Father, Peeivih
  • Peeivih-Vualappa Burns a Sieidi
  • Peeivih-Vualappa Burns a Sieidi, Version 2
  • The Capstone
  • Peeivih-Vualappa on the Sea Shore
  • Peeivih-Vualappa on the Sea Shore, Version 2
  • Peeivih-Vualappa Fighting
  • Peeivih-Vualappa Fighting, Version 2
  • Peeivih-Vualappa Hunting Wild Reindeer
  • Peeivih-Vualappa 's Race with a Draught Reindeer
  • 10 Stories about the Skolts
  • Scaring the Skolt Wife
  • Scaring the Skolt Wife, Version 2
  • Scaring the Skolt Wife, Version 3
  • Scaring the Skolt Wife, Version 4
  • Scaring the Skolt Wife, Version 5
  • Scaring the Skolt Wife, Version 6
  • Scaring the Skolt Wife, Version 7
  • KaaSSa
  • 11 Hunting Stories
  • The Late Haannu 's Bear and Wild Reindeer Hunt
  • A Draught Reindeer as a Wild Reindeer
  • The Bear Hunter
  • The Soddy Root Ball as a Bear
  • MeniS-Antti's Bear Hunting Stories
  • A Bear Story
  • The Bear Hunters
  • The Girls and the Bear
  • The Bear and the Women
  • The Squirrel Hunters
  • The Wild Reindeer Skiers
  • The Moose Hunters
  • Irjan-Anna ja Antti on a Fishing Excursion to LAggujAEvri (LankojAErvi)
  • The Ermine Hunters
  • 12 Personal Experience Narratives
  • The Life of One Aanaar SAmi
  • An Aanaar Marriage and Life Story
  • Some Misfortune
  • The Old Man of Soadigil's (SodankylAE) Forest Memories
  • The Autumnal Wild-Reindeer Hunt in Aanaar
  • Vuavnum (Vuongunta), or Hunting Wild-Reindeer in the Spring
  • JuonAstim (Juomustus) and Netting Under the Ice
  • 13 Proverbs and Figures of Speech
  • Proverbs
  • Sayings and Expressions
  • 14 Riddles
  • 15 Omens and Signs
  • Appendix A
  • North SAmi Joiks
  • Juhan Vesta's Joik
  • MeniS-Irjan
  • Mihkkus-Aslak
  • Let us Leave
  • Pulju
  • Ninka-Ula Kare
  • Pike
  • Burbot
  • Perch
  • Stories
  • The Lazy One
  • Skolt SAmi Story
  • Letters
  • Appendix B
  • Introduction to the 1978 Edition by Lea Laitinen
  • Introduction to the 1917 Edition by August V. Koskimies
  • Notes
  • Bibliography
  • Index

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