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Mastering React Test-Driven Development Daniel Irvine

Mastering React Test-Driven Development By Daniel Irvine

Mastering React Test-Driven Development by Daniel Irvine

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This book is comprehensive walk through of Test-Driven Development (TDD) for React. It takes a first-principles approach to teach the TDD process using vanilla Jest. Readers build their own test library as they refactor out repeated code in tandem with building a real-world application. It also covers acceptance testing using Cucumber and ...

Mastering React Test-Driven Development Summary

Mastering React Test-Driven Development: Build rock-solid, well-tested web apps with React, Redux and GraphQL by Daniel Irvine

Implement TDD for your React applications using Jest, React Router, Redux, and GraphQL/Relay. Learn BDD and end-to-end acceptance testing with CucumberJS and Puppeteer.

Key Features
  • Learn the TDD process using the React framework
  • Build complex, real-world applications with a pragmatic approach to TDD
  • Use Cucumber for acceptance and BDD testing, bringing TDD to the wider team
Book Description

Many programmers are aware of TDD but struggle to apply it beyond basic examples. This book teaches how to build complex, real-world applications using Test-Driven Development (TDD). It takes a first principles approach to the TDD process using plain Jest and includes test-driving the integration of libraries including React Router, Redux, and Relay (GraphQL).

Readers will practice systematic refactoring while building out their own test framework, gaining a deep understanding of TDD tools and techniques. They will learn how to test-drive features such as client- and server-side form validation, data filtering and searching, navigation and user workflow, undo/redo, animation, LocalStorage access, WebSocket communication, and querying GraphQL endpoints.

The book covers refactoring codebases to use the React Router and Redux libraries. via TDD. Redux is explored in depth, with reducers, middleware, sagas, and connected React components. The book also covers acceptance testing using Cucumber and Puppeteer.

The book is fully up to date with React 16.9 and has in-depth coverage of hooks and the `act' test helper.

What you will learn
  • Build test-driven applications using React 16.9+ and Jest
  • Build complete web applications using a variety of HTML input elements
  • Understand the different types of test double and when to apply them
  • Test-drive the Integration of libraries such as React Router, Redux, and Relay (GraphQL)
  • Learn when to be pragmatic and how to apply TDD shortcuts
  • Test-drive interaction with browser APIs including fetch and WebSockets
  • Use Cucumber.js and Puppeteer to build BDD-style acceptance tests for your applications
  • Build and test async Redux code using redux-saga and expect-redux
Who this book is for

The target audience for this book is JavaScript developers who are looking to implement test-driven and behavior-driven approaches for their React applications.

About Daniel Irvine

Daniel Irvine is a software consultant based in London. He is a member of the European software craft community and works with a variety of languages including C#, Clojure, JavaScript, and Ruby. He's a mentor and coach for junior developers and runs TDD and XP workshops and courses. When he's not working, he spends time cooking and practicing yoga.He co-founded and runs the Queer Code London meetup.

Table of Contents

Table of Contents
  1. First Steps with Test-Driven Development
  2. Test-driving Data Input with React
  3. Exploring Test Doubles
  4. Creating a User Interface
  5. Humanizing Forms
  6. Filtering and Searching Data
  7. Test-driving React Router
  8. Test-driving Redux
  9. Test-driving GraphQL
  10. Building a Logo Interpreter
  11. Adding Animation
  12. Working with WebSockets
  13. Writing Your First Acceptance Test
  14. Adding Features Guided by Acceptance Tests
  15. Understanding TDD in the Wider Testing Landscape

Additional information

Mastering React Test-Driven Development: Build rock-solid, well-tested web apps with React, Redux and GraphQL by Daniel Irvine
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