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Books by Navin Sabharwal

Navin Sabharwal: Navin has 20+ years of Industry experience and is an Innovator, Thought Leader, Patent Holder and Author in the areas of Cloud Computing, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, Public Cloud, DevOps, AIOPS, DevOps, Infrastructure Services, Monitoring and Management Platforms, Big Data Analytics, Software Product Development. Navin is Responsible for DevOps, Artificial Intelligence, Cloud Lifecycle Management, Service Management, Monitoring and Management, IT Ops Analytics, AIOPs and Machine Learning, Automation, Operational Efficiency of Scaled delivery through Lean Ops, strategy and delivery for HCL Technologies. He is reachable at [email protected] and
Sudipta Barua: Sudipta has worked across various industries in her career where the focus has been on driving Experiential interface and platforms for the end users. She has worked in roles across Customer Engagements & Centricity, Marketing, CRM & Analytics, PLM & Product Development. In her current role, Sudipta orchestrates at the intersection of digital marketing, creative storytelling, analytics driven content development and experience driven platforms. She has won numerous awards for her work in leveraging different technology products and solutions to elevate the end-user experience. She is reachable at [email protected] and
Neha Anand: Neha is a Cognitive Solution Architect. She is experienced in managing delivery lifecycle of Enterprise Cloud and Cognitive Solutions. Implemented and worked on chat-bots using various Cognitive Engines such as Watson, LUIS, LEX, Dialogflow etc. Conversational modelling using Natural Language Processing as well as Machine Learning building on bots and worked in development and integration environment. Neha works on developing avenues to drive end-to-end solution and leverage leavers of Cognitive, AI, ML solutions. She is reachable at [email protected] and
Pallavi Aggarwal: Pallavi is a Solution architect for Automation. She has Worked in development and integration of various automation project using Natural Language Processing and Machine Learning. She is experienced in development of various Cognitive Chatbots. She is reachable at [email protected] and