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Donald Dewar von W(ED) ALEXANDER

Donald Dewar W(ED) ALEXANDER

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Each essay in this book focuses on a particular aspect of Donald's life, be it Donald the Man; Donald and Labour; Donald and Devolution; Donald and Scotland; and finally legacy and its effect on Scottish politics. These essays aim to paint a portrait of the life, career and politics of one of the most respected politicians to have served Scotland.

Donald Dewar Zusammenfassung

Donald Dewar W(ED) ALEXANDER

In May 1999, Donald Dewar became First Minister of the first Scottish Parliament in almost 300 years. Tragically, he died suddenly on 11 October 2000 after just over a year in this position. Dewar was a big man in every sense of the word: in his vision for Scotland, in his love of his country and in his conviction that the purpose of the Scottish Parliament was to right the social arithmetic of Scotland. Since his untimely death five years ago, many have missed Dewar's wisdom, humanity and genuine personal humility. This collection of essays written by friends, colleagues, commentators and opponents of the man highlight all of these qualities. They also underline Dewar's achievements, remind us of what he stood for and allow us the opportunity to reflect upon his legacy and what it means to the nation today. Amongst the many high-profile contributors are Gordon Brown, Roy Hattersley, Neil Kinnock, Malcolm Rifkind, Michael Forsyth, Wendy Alexander, Jim Wallace, Ruth Wishart and Carol Craig. Each essay focuses on a particular aspect of Donald's life, be it Donald the Man (as a young man, a friend, a colleague and a partner); Donald and Labour (as a local member, a Parliamentarian, a Scottish Labour MP and a shadow cabinet member); Donald and Devolution (as an unconventional campaigner, a worthy opponent, a powerful advocate, a 'father of the nation'); Donald and Scotland (as First Minister); and finally Donald's legacy and its effect on the future of Scottish politics. Collectively, these spirited, passionate essays paint a vivid portrait of the life, career and politics of one of the most respected politicians to have served Scotland.

Donald Dewar Bewertungen

"'The book investigates just about every nook and cranny of Dewar's personal and political life from his boyhood through to his life as a dedicated constituency MP, minister and eventually First Minister. The tale is told with a fondness and from some of the contributors with an honesty, that was not always apparent, as is so often the case, in the immediate period of his death'." -- Angus Macleod The Times "'Wendy Alexander has gathered a marvellous and eclectic team of (unpaid) contributors to produce a really splendid book about Donald Dewar, a book that constantly manages to be both warm and realistic'." -- Harry Reid The Glasgow Herald "'It captures the personal, witty Donald without neglecting his legendary candour, acerbic wit and glorious unconventionality'." Scotland On Sunday "'There are some gems to mine'." -- Peter MacMahon The Scotsman "'This little book is testimony to the affection and regard in which he was held...The collection of essays here makes me regret that I didn't know him better'." -- Allan Massie The Spectator


Wendy Alexander, who piloted this project, is MSP for Paisley North and Visiting Professor at the University of Strathclyde. She was a Special Adviser to Donald Dewar from 1997 and has served in the Cabinets of all three First Ministers.

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Donald Dewar W(ED) ALEXANDER
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