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Fashion Dog Various

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Fashion Dog Various

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30 fashionable designs for clothes and accessories for your dog.

Fashion Dog Zusammenfassung

Fashion Dog: Thirty Designs to Knit, Crochet and Sew Various

Dog lovers will adore this gorgeous collection of coats, scarves, collars and cushions to knit, crochet and sew for their favourite pet. The book covers a range of contemporary, classic and retro styles, including a cable-stitched, roll-neck sweater, a Goth-style coat sporting a skull-and-crossbone motif on the back for dogs 'with attitude', a pretty pink loop-edged top for more feminine pups, and a variety of cushions, scarves, collars and pendants. All the patterns are accompanied by clear instructions and are beautifully modelled by Pablo the border terrier, Bella and Choupy the chihuahuas, a pair of Shi-Tzus called Caramel and Lovely, and various other dogs in appealing poses. Accompanied by charts and templates where applicable, this book is a must for knitters and stitchers of all abilities.

Fashion Dog Bewertungen

Oct 10

My master has recently been commissioned to write a book for Search Press

and as a consequence I have been asked to write a book review on one of

their latest releases Fashion Dog.

As a pooch whose only fashion accessory in the past 11 years has been my

trademark red and white neckerchief, this should be an interesting task!

I must also confess to being a typical terrier that has a great love of rolling

in all types of smelly matter. Let's hope that all the outfits are fully machine washable!

The book is nicely laid out with lots of trendy dogs wearing items a simple

country dog such as myself, has never seen before.

The start of the book quotes coats and accessories to knit and transform our favourite companions into fashion dogs. Upon reading this, I have decided to write my article based on outfits from the book that would suit my canine pals from our village.

Harry the boxer next door likes to keep fit, is muscular and has quite a sporty owner. I chose the little hoodie number he can strut around in.

Reggie the springer spaniel from across the road has appeared alongside me on my master`s website in one of the monthly dog blog photos. He is quite a dashing character, so I have chosen the nautical outfit, ideal for a day out by the sea.

The knitted cushion looks very stylish and states sleep like a princess, with this in mind I have picked this for my feline arch enemy Rosie. She is now 18 years old and don`t let on but I think she deserves the comfort this cushion offers.

Finally my own personal choice would be the cotton lined Sou`wester. The outfit is practical and would be very useful when I follow the master and mistress on walks in all weathers. I am especially thinking how would have been needed 2 years ago in the Lake District, a few thousand feet up on Steel Fell. The wind and rain were lashing down, the humans were all wrapped up and I just had a small thin coat on !!-a review by Purdey the Parsons Jack Russell

* Timfisherart.co.uk *

Aug 2014

Fashion dog published by Search Press is sure to be a hit with you and Bertie! There are 30 designs to choose from, including coats, scarves, jumpers and accessories. As there are tips on how to customise the fit of each project, you'll be able to make him something that he'll be able to wear in no time. Little dogs can lose body heat quickly when it's cold or raining and these projects will keep him warm but look fashionable, too. My favourite has to be the Skull and Crossbones coat - it's so cute!

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30 designs for coats and accessories in a range of styles and colours
Includes knitted, crocheted and stitched designs
Modelled by adorable dogs that dog lovers will find irresistible

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Fashion Dog: Thirty Designs to Knit, Crochet and Sew Various
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