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Encore Tricolore Nouvelle 1 von Sylvia Honnor

Encore Tricolore Nouvelle 1 Sylvia Honnor

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This trusted and tested course retains many of the features that have made it so reliable for exam success, but is totally up-to-date and relevant in both content and appearance. Encore Tricolore Nouvelle Edition has been written to help your students achieve excellent results at all stages of their French learning.

Encore Tricolore Nouvelle 1 Zusammenfassung

Encore Tricolore Nouvelle 1 Sylvia Honnor

This book provides extensive coverage of the national curriculum, and the Scottish 5-14 guidelines. This is a systematic approach to grammar progression, with clear explanations and extensive practice. It contains interesting topics, set in authentic contexts, from France and other French speaking countries. It also features clear and attractively designed pages, with humorous and stimulating artwork. It provides user-friendly vocabulary and grammar reference sections to encourage independent learning. It includes end of unit summaries to provide a clear learning framework. It provides full coverage of the New National Curriculum requirements. The book puts forward more grammar activities and more emphasis on verb learning. It also features new inclusion of ICT activities; new differentiation of exercises; new "Reading for pleasure" sections; and new motivating Flashcards. This is a lively and modern Students' Book, with clear presentation, and integrated assessment guidance tasks.


Part 1 Bonjour!: meet, greet and say goodbye to a French-speaking person; tell someone your name in French and ask their name; ask someone who they are and tell them how you are; say how old you are and ask someone else their age; understand simple classroom instructions; talk about objects in the classroom. Part 2 J'habite ici: say where you live and ask other people where they live; talk about things in the classroom; find out about a town in France called La Rochelle. Part 3 Chez moi: talk about your family and your home; talk about other people's home and families; say where things are; say who things belong to; talk about the days of the week; revision activities. Part 4 Les animaux: talk about animals, especially pets; describe animals and other things (including their colour and size); talk about your likes, dislikes and preferences. Part 5 Des fetes et des festivals: ask for and give the date; discuss important events in the year; talk about some clothes; talk about birthdays and presents; revision activities. Part 6 Qu'est-ce que tu fais?: talk about the weather; understand simple weather information; talk about the seasons; talk about sport and other leisure activities; say what you do at weekends and in bad weather. Part 7 Une ville de France: talk about places in a town; ask for information and obtain a map from a tourist office; ask for, understand and give directions; understand and say how far away places are; revision activities. Part 8 Une journee scolaire: ask what the time is; understand and tell the time in French; discuss when something is happening; talk about a typical day; talk about school subjects; say what you think about them. Part 9 Mmm - c'est bon ca!: talk about food and drink; talk about meals; accept or refuse food and drink; talk about which food and drink you like and dislike; revision activities. Part 10 Amuse-toi bien!: talk about leisure activities; use and understand the 24 hour clock; say what you do to help at home.

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Encore Tricolore Nouvelle 1 Sylvia Honnor
Gebraucht - Sehr Gut
Oxford University Press
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