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Black Dahlia Avenger III von Steve Hodel

Black Dahlia Avenger III Steve Hodel

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Black Dahlia Avenger III Zusammenfassung

Black Dahlia Avenger III: Murder as a Fine Art: Presenting the Further Evidence Linking Dr. George Hill Hodel to the Black Dahlia and Other Lone Woman Murders Steve Hodel

As heard about in the hit podcast Root of Evil

In Black Dahlia Avenger III bestselling author and veteran LAPD homicide detective Steve Hodel presents his four-year follow-up investigation into Los Angeles's 1947 Black Dahlia murder and other serially connected 1940s Lone Woman Murders.

This edition includes ten new chapters with all new evidence and forensics further linking his father, Dr. George Hill Hodel to the 1947 Black Dahlia Murder, as well as the 1945 Chicago Lipstick Murders, the Manila Jigsaw Murder and the 1969 San Francisco Bay Area Zodiac murders. Black Dahlia Avenger II (2018) is the sequel to the 2003 New York Times Bestseller and Edgar-award winning Black Dahlia Avenger, and it raises the investigative bar from rock solid to beyond a reasonable doubt-the legal requirement for readers to arrive at a finding of GUILTY.

Black Dahlia Avenger III Bewertungen

An absorbing, thought-provoking, and insightful read from beginning to end, Black Dahlia Avenger III is an extraordinary study and one that will be an enduringly popular addition to community and academic library Criminology collections, as well as the personal reading lists of all True Crime buffs.
-Midwest Book Review

Praise for Steve Hodel

Mesmerizing. Black Dahlia Avenger II takes us deeper into George Hodel's unusual avant-garde circle of friends.
-Gerald Petievich, Author of To Live and Die in LA and The Sentinel

Steve Hodel presents his case with fascinating details and revelatioons that trace through the darkest side of Hollywood noir in this sequel to his original Black Dahlia Avenger.
-Ron Francell, Bestselling true-crime author of The Darkest Night

Praise for Black Dahlia Avenger

Completely convincing . . . As far as I am concerned, this case is closed.
-Michael Connelly, bestselling author of the Harry Bosch series

The most haunting murder mystery in Los Angeles county during the twentieth century has finally been solved.
-Stephen R. Kay, L.A. County Head Deputy District Attorney

A must-read book . . . A blockbuster.
-Liz Smith, New York Post

Crime was rampant as musicals in Los Angeles in the postwar years-this is the age of Bugsy Siegel, the founding of Las Vegas, Mickey Cohen and gun battles on Sunset Boulevard....and it's the age of film noir....George Hodel, I think is fit company for some of noir's most civilized villains-like Waldo Lydecker in Laura, Harry Lime in The Third Man, or even Noah Cross in Chinatown.
-David Thomson, New York Times Book Review

[Steve Hodel] gives us a fascinating family psychodrama; we watch his image of his father morph from flawed but lovable ladies' man to monster.

-Johnny Depp

[Hodel] has written an intensely readable account....So what's the final verdict on Black Dahlia Avenger? Its accounts of cover-ups and civic corruption are all too believable, and much of the circumstantial evidence it presents against George Hodel is persuasive....Has Steve Hodel solved the case? I think so.
-Jon L. Breen, The Weekly Standard

The book has been described as 'Hannibal Lecter meets L.A. Confidential meets Chinatown,' but even that Hollywood characterization doesn't do it justice. Former Los Angeles police detective Steve Hodel has written one of the most compelling true-crime books of all time.
-Seattle Weekly

An ex-L.A. cop uncovers a painful answer to the notorious 1947 Black Dahlia slaying...Hodel appears to have solved one of the most sensational murders in the history of Los Angeles.
-People Magazine

[Hodel] makes a strong case that the Black Dahlia was part of a larger series of ritual murders that went on for years. This unsparing, chilling account of the actions of a perfect psychopath grips to the end.
-Toronto Globe and Mail

Hodel tells the story well and with incredible objectivity. . . A real-life tale of a Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde.
-Richmond Times-Dispatch

This remarkable book will keep readers riveted from the first page to the very last.

In this 2003 case study, Hodel declares the case is solved. He offers irrefutable evidence piled fact upon fact as only the mind of a professional detective can present. The Black Dahlia Avenger is packaged as neatly as a court deposition.
-St. Augustine Record

Black Dahlia Avenger is a fascinating and horrifying tale of 1940s Los Angeles-as Steve Hodel says, a real-life L.A. Confidential.
-San Jose Mercury News

The story boasts all the glamour and sinister mystique of film noir.
-The Daily Telegraph

Readers must hang on tightly as Hodel hurtles along on his compelling parallel journeys of discovery-a return to the melodramatic days of old Hollywood and a simultaneous plunge into the dark roots of his own family tree.
-London Free Press

Über Steve Hodel

Steve Hodel was born and brought up in Los Angeles. Now a private investigator, he spent almost twenty-four years with the LAPD, most of them as a homicide detective-supervisor. During his tenure, he worked on more than three hundred murder cases and had one of the highest solve rates on the force. He currently resides in the Los Angeles area. Black Dahlia Avenger: A Genius for Murder, published in 2003, became a New York Times bestseller and was a Mystery Writers of America Edgar Award Nominee. Most Evil: Avenger, Zodiac, and the Further Serial Murders of Dr. George Hill Hodel published in 2009, was a Los Angeles Times bestseller.

Steve's Black Dahlia investigation and related books have been featured as full-hour segments on: Dateline NBC, CBS' 48-Hours, A&E's Bill Kurtis Cold Case Files, Discovery Channel's Most Evil, and The Truth about the Black Dahlia on NBC Universal.

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Black Dahlia Avenger III: Murder as a Fine Art: Presenting the Further Evidence Linking Dr. George Hill Hodel to the Black Dahlia and Other Lone Woman Murders Steve Hodel
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Nominated for Edgar Awards Best Fact Crime Book for Black Dahlia Avenger 2004 (United States)
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