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Habit of Labor von Stef Wertheimer

Habit of Labor Stef Wertheimer

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The extraordinary memoir of German-born Israeli business magnate, philanthropist and former politician 'Stef' Wertheimer.

Habit of Labor Zusammenfassung

Habit of Labor: Lessons from a Life of Struggle and Success Stef Wertheimer

Stef Wertheimer's net worth is estimated at $5.6 million and his innovative mix of humanitarian and industrial development has seen him win the Israel Prize (the nation's highest honor), the Buber-Rosenzweig medal in Germany for his work in advancing peace through entrepreneurship and the Oslo Business for Peace Award. How did a man from such humble beginnings create this lasting legacy? Publishing in English for the first time, read Stef Wertheimer's incredible life story, told in his own words. Forced to flee Nazi Germany with his family at age 10, Stef Wertheimer came to British Palestine in the late 1930s. He promptly dropped out of school, learned a trade through apprenticeship, and played a meaningful role in Israel's War of Independence. He also started a company-ISCAR-that began in a shed and ultimately made him one of the world's great self-made industrialists. In The Habit of Labor, Wertheimer shares the lessons he learned from a life of strife and struggle in one of the world's newest industrial powers. Both a pragmatist and a visionary, Wertheimer has devoted much of his life to promoting Jewish and Arab economic development through innovative educational and vocational programs, along with the establishment of a series of thriving industrial parks in Israel and in Turkey. The future of Israel, he believes, is not in military might or diplomatic alliances but in its growing economic clout. More than just a memoir, The Habit of Labor is an important testament to what can be achieved with dedication and creativity, and is a homage to the working man and how to strive for success while staying true to your beliefs.

Habit of Labor Bewertungen

There's no better way to explain the miracle of Israel than to examine the amazing life of Stef Wertheimer' -- Warren Buffett

Über Stef Wertheimer

Stef Wertheimer is a German-born Israeli businessman, philanthropist and former politician. In 1952, he founded the company ISCAR and eventually grew it into a multinational, multibillion-dollar corporation, later selling his stake to billionaire investor Warren Buffett in 2006. A former Member of the Knesset, he has taken an active role in Israeli policy. He lives in Jerusalem.

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Habit of Labor: Lessons from a Life of Struggle and Success Stef Wertheimer
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Overlook Press
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