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So You Really Want to Learn Maths von Serena Alexander

So You Really Want to Learn Maths Serena Alexander

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This answer book contains all the answers to the exercises in So You Really Want To Learn Maths Book 3.

So You Really Want to Learn Maths Zusammenfassung

So You Really Want to Learn Maths: Book 3: Answer Book Serena Alexander

This answer book contains all the answers to the exercises in So You Really Want To Learn Maths Book 3. - Endorsed by ISEB - Features the complete set of answers to the exercises in So You Really Want To Learn Maths Book 3 to save you time marking work and enable you to identify areas requiring further attention - Includes diagrams and working where necessary to ensure pupils understand how to present their answers

Über Serena Alexander

Serena Alexander has taught Mathematics since 1987, originally in both maintained and independent senior schools. From 1999 she taught at St Paul's School for Boys, where she was Head of Mathematics at their preparatory school, Colet Court, before moving to Newton Preparatory School in London. She has been a member of the ISEB setting team for mathematics, is an ISI inspector and helps to run regular mathematics conferences for prep school teachers. She has a passion for maths and expects her pupils to feel the same way. After a lesson or two, they normally do!


Chapter 1: Working with numbers Natural numbers (also called cardinal numbers) Long multiplication and long division Integers Fractions Factors and multiples Prime numbers Product Highest common factors and lowest common multiples Using a calculator The mode Negative numbers Brackets Second functions Using the memory Simple Index functions Calculator problems End of chapter 1 activity: Calculator puzzles and games Chapter 2: Decimals The Penny and the first taxation Calculating with money: Adding and subtracting Multiplying Dividing decimals Dividing by decimals Working with other metric untis More about area Estimating Degree of accuracy Revision of decimal places and significant figures Using your calculator End of chapter 2 activity: The national elf problem Chapter 3: Fractions Writing fractions today Adding fractions Subtracting fractions Mixing addition and subtraction A fraction of an amount Multiplying fractions Dividing with fractions The reciprocal Mixed operations Fractions on the calculator End of chapter 3 activity: Fraction, decimal and percentage dominoes Chapter 4: Index numbers Negative indices Solving equations with x2 Squares and square roots Using prime factors to find square roots Other rootsUsing the index functions on the calculator Second functions Index functions Using the memory Writing answers Large and small numbers standard index form Standard index for and the scientific calculator Roots as indices Calculating with roots and powers More about square roots End of chapter 4 activity: Chain letters Chapter 5: Percentages Rules of conversion Forming a percentage Finding a fraction of an amount Percentages as a decimal Percentage increase and decrease Calculating percentage increase and decrease Income tax Percentage change Finding the original amount Compound interest End of chapter 5 activity: The trading game Chapter 6: Equations and inequations Using algebra to solve problems Equations with fractions Equations with two fractions Inexact quations Solving inequalities End of chapter 6 activity: Polyhedral numbers Chapter 7: Indices and algebra Multiplying Division The power 0 Negative index numbers Powers Index numbers as fractions Combining multiplication and division Indices and brackets Factorising Trial and improvement More about square roots End of chapter 7 activity: My Great Uncle's bequaet Chapter 8: Sequences Sequences based on a times table Sequences based on square numbers Sequences based on triangle numbers Sequences based on a Fibonacci type number pattern Sequence notation Working to a rule More about quadratic equations Geometric sequences: An introduction to fractals Geometric sequences and numbers End of chapter 8 activity: 3D fractals Chapter 9: Using a formulae What is a formula? Substituting into formulae Area and volume formulae Finding an unknown quantity Polygon formulae Distance, speed and time formulae Units of formulae Rearranging formulae with factorising a roots End of chapter 9 activity: Perigal's dissection hapter 10: Pythagoras' theorem Finding the hypotenuse Isoceles triangles Special triangles Mixed problems Pythagorean triplets End of chapter 10 activity: Truthful twins? Chapter 11: Area and volume Circles Parts of a circle: Perimeter Finding the radius More circle problems More about volume Volume of a cylinder Surface area of a cylinder Units of area and volume More volume problems Longer problems using area and volume formulae End of chapter 11 activity: Packaging the litre Chapter 12: Simultaneous equations What is an equation? Writing equations in two variables Using graphs to solve problems with two variables What are simultaneous equations? The graphical method The elimination method The scale factor method The re-arrangement and substitution methods Solving problems with simultaneous equations End of chapter 12 activity: A literary genius Chapter 13: Graphs Travel graphs Everyday graphs From equations to graphs Graphs of curves Points of intersection The reciprocal curve Other curves End of chapter 13 activity: Experiments and graphs Chapter 14: Equations and brackets Factorising algebraic expressions More brackets Two sets of brackets Squares and the difference between them Solving equations by factorising Solving problems with factorising and brackets End of chapter 14 activity: The dragon curve or Jurassic Parck fractal Chapter 15: Probability Calculating probability Using theoretical probability Probability with two events Possibility space for combined events Drawing diagrams to help solve problems End of chapter 15 activity: Probability experiments Chapter 16: Transformations Transformation geometry Reflections To construct a reflection of a line PQ in a line AB Rotations Rotational symmetry Translations Enlargements Transformatio

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So You Really Want to Learn Maths: Book 3: Answer Book Serena Alexander
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