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A Chateau of One's Own Sam Juneau

A Chateau of One's Own von Sam Juneau

A Chateau of One's Own Sam Juneau

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Sam and Bud intended to move to France and create a simple life with their children. However they bought a 17th century chateau with over thirty rooms. With modest savings, they restored the building and started a bed and breakfast.This is a glimpse into what it takes to leave everything behind to pursue a dream.

A Chateau of One's Own Zusammenfassung

A Chateau of One's Own: Restoration Misadventures in France Sam Juneau

Sam and Bud were ordinary first-time homebuyers in their early thirties. Their intention, in moving to France, was to create a simple life in a place where they could spend time with their children. The home they actually bought was a 17th century chateau in the Loire valley with over thirty rooms.

Chateau Du Bonchamps had been the seat of noble families as far back as 1507. With only modest savings, Sam and Bud launched the exciting project of restoring this extraordinary building to its former glory. Over several years they renovated 10,000 square feet of house, installed countless bathrooms, painted 156 windows, put the 40-acre park and gardens into some semblance of order and started a bed and breakfast against resistance from the locals. Their hardwork prevailed; their chateau quadrupled in value.

The things we dream do not always fit nicely with the realities of everyday life. This is an insightful glimpse of what it truly means to leave everything behind to persue a dream.

Über Sam Juneau

Sam Juneau was born in New Orleans and has been a television producer and writer in the US and the UK since 1992. His wife grew up on a farm in Ireland. They live in France with their four children and 22 cats.

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A Chateau of One's Own: Restoration Misadventures in France Sam Juneau
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