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Pugs of the Frozen North von Philip Reeve

Pugs of the Frozen North Philip Reeve

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And they're off! Who will win the Race to the Top of the World? Helga Hammerfest and her polar bears; bounder and cheat Sir Basil-Dumpling; Shackleton Jones with his robot-powered sled? But wait! What's this? Two kids riding a sled pulled by 66 pugs wearing jumpers?! The underdogs are coming!

Pugs of the Frozen North Zusammenfassung

Pugs of the Frozen North Philip Reeve

Winner of the Independent Bookshop Week Book Award 2016. The Race to the Top of the World! It comes around once in a lifetime, and the prize? Your heart's desire. Shen and Sika can't resist the chance to win, but competition is fierce. The path to victory is littered with snow trolls, sea monsters, and a gang of particularly hungry yetis. But Shen and Sika have something the other contestants don't have. Actually, they have 66 other things; pugs to be exact. That's a 264 paw-powered sled. Let the race begin! This beautifully illustrated story by the award-winning team of Philip Reeve and Sarah McIntyre will enchant fans of their previous books, 'Oliver and the Seawigs' and 'Cakes in Space'.

Pugs of the Frozen North Bewertungen

'It's their best book yet ... Reeve and McIntyre are a classic team ... The climax is moving and beautifully judged.' Alex O'Connell, 'Children's Book of the Week', The Times 'As the story dashes along so, too, do the illustrations, which are a delight on every page.' Julia Eccleshare, The Guardian '...an engaging story for children (and, in my case at least, adults) who have the ability to read alone but aren't yet ready to give up the pleasure of heavily illustrated books.' Z J Cookson, The BookBag 'The whole book is a race and I can't wait to read the whole book to find out what happens in the end.' Rachel Zinkin, age 8, for lovereading4kids.co.uk 'A gloriously wacky story' The Times 'Immersive, richly textured, and enormous fun. It's a great example of what illustrated children's novels can achieve' The Guardian 'Marries the very different talents of Reeve and McIntyre to fabulous effect' Bookseller Children's Buyer's Guide 'Reeve and McIntyre have been responsible for some of the finest young fiction of recent years and this is their irresistibly-titled third collaboration' Fiona Noble, The Bookseller 'An action-packed adventure promising snow trolls, sea monsters and a gang of particularly hungry yetis' Philip Jones, Editor, The Bookseller 'I loved this book and its gorgeously presented artwork ... Sometimes, two great things can come together to make something even greater.' Sisterspooky Book Blog '...a fabulous adventure novel. McIntyre and Reeve have done it again!' My Book Corner Book Blog 'I love it - it's funny, full of unusual characters and has brilliant illustrations' National Geographic Kids 'It's fun for everyone' Devon Life '...an instant classic' Toby Clements, The Daily Telegraph '...a hilarious tale of a pug-drawn polar exploration...rib-achingly funny and delicately sad' Imogen Russell Williams, Metro 'I love it - it's funny, full of unusual characters and brilliant illustrations' Elleanore Phillips (aged 7), National Geographic Kids, Festive Special 'Rip-roaring...Funny, exciting, and the pugs are just delightful' Carousel, The Guide to Children's Books 'Another comic caper from the dream team of Philip Reeve and Sarah McIntyre.' New Statesman 'The story is packed full of jokes, characters and incident and the plentiful illustrations, with their suitably icy green palette, are equally delightful with lots of detail.' Lesley Martin, The School Librarian Funny, weird and exciting - it's a blast! The Guardian

Zusätzliche Informationen

Pugs of the Frozen North Philip Reeve
Gebraucht - Sehr Gut
Gebundene Ausgabe
Oxford University Press
Winner of Independent Bookshop Week Book Awards: Children's Book 2016
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