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In Real Life Nev Schulman

In Real Life von Nev Schulman

In Real Life Nev Schulman

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From the host of MTV's No.1 show Catfish comes the definitive guide to connecting with people authentically in today's digital world.

In Real Life Zusammenfassung

In Real Life: Love, Lies & Identity in the Digital Age Nev Schulman

If there's anyone who knows about the darker side of online dating, it's Nev Schulman. The 29-year-old rose to fame after his documentary Catfish, about an online flirtation of his which turned sour, became a breakout hit. He followed it up with a series on MTV which followed similar stories of digital deception across America.

Nev has become the go-to expert in online relationships for millennials, a generation who have never known a world without Facebook. His clout in this area springs from his own experience which led him to coin the term 'catfish', referring to someone who creates a false online persona to reel someone into a romantic relationship. Now Nev takes his investigation to the page. Woven throughout with Nev's personal stories this book explores relationships in the era of social media, delving deeply into the complexities of dating in a digital age and continuing the cultural dialogue his show has begun about how we interact with each other online.

In IN REAL LIFE Nev explores the pressing issue of connectivity versus genuine connection which is plaguing our relationships with each other, and he provides the advice that his fans have been desperately seeking.

In Real Life Bewertungen

This is youth TV so successful that it has created a fresh dictionary definition of deceit. - Independent

Catfish introduced us the world of fake Facebook profiles and the dangers of online relationships...The result is a surprisingly gripping journey with a variety of people looking for, and sometimes finding, love. - Digital Spy

An intriguing modern tale of communication, intimacy, self-knowledge and the web - Guardian

Über Nev Schulman

Nev Schulman is the host and executive producer of MTV's No.1 series, Catfish, which 2.6 million people watch in the U.S., plus millions more worldwide in 25 other countries.

@nevschulman / yanivschulman.com

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In Real Life: Love, Lies & Identity in the Digital Age Nev Schulman
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