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Naughty Dragons Make Trouble! Natalie Jane Prior

Naughty Dragons Make Trouble! von Natalie Jane Prior

Naughty Dragons Make Trouble! Natalie Jane Prior

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Naughty Dragons Make Trouble! Zusammenfassung

Naughty Dragons Make Trouble!: Naughty Dragons #1 Natalie Jane Prior

In the Laidley Hundreds, dangerous wild dragons roam the Highlands. But dragons aren't born bad - just naughty!

When Ava and Jack's parents agree to foster two young dragons, the siblings can't believe their luck.
But teaching a mischievous pair of dragons how to behave isn't easy, and Jack and Ava will have their work cut out for them with Graun and Fafnine. They might look sweet, but don't let that fool you - these dragons can cause trouble like you wouldn't believe.

Perfect for fans of How to Train Your Dragon and Enid Blyton's classic adventures, Naughty Dragons is a highly visual series for readers 6+, packed with rollicking adventure, riotous laughs and oodles of mischief.

Über Natalie Jane Prior

Natalie Jane Prior is the author and editor of numerous books for children and young adults. Her work includes the classic picture book The Paw and its sequels (illustrated by Terry Denton), the internationally successful fantasy series Lily Quench, which has well over half a million copies in print and which was broadcast on BBC Radio in 2006, and The Minivers, a four book series published in Australia and the UK. Her most recent picture book is Wandering Star, illustrated by Stephen Michael King. In 2018, Natalie was co-editor with her long-time agent, Margaret Connolly, of the critically acclaimed poetry anthology, A Boat of Stars, which includes new poetry and artwork by some of Australia's best known writers and illustrators - the first such anthology in many years.

Books by Natalie have won the Aurealis Award (for fantasy and science fiction), the Davitt Awards (for crime writing), have been Honour, Shortlisted and Notable Books in the Children's Book Council of Australia Awards, and have won numerous children's choice awards. She lives in Brisbane with her husband, daughter, a well-behaved border collie, and an extremely naughty dachshund.

Simon Howe is a picture book illustrator and animator. His picture books include On My Way, written by Sophie Masson, Perfect Little Monster, written by Penny Morrison, and Bold Tales For Brave-Hearted Boys, written by Susannah McFarlane. Naughty Dragons is his first junior fiction series.

He regularly works with much-loved children's band, Teeny Tiny Stevies, designing and animating their music videos. Their second album, Helpful Songs For Little People, was picked up by ABC Music, and all of the animated videos are now screened frequently on ABC Kids Television.

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Naughty Dragons Make Trouble!: Naughty Dragons #1 Natalie Jane Prior
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