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The Lion Bible for Children von Murray Watts

The Lion Bible for Children Murray Watts

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A retelling that brings the Bible narrative alive for a new generation of readers, now in a handy smaller format

The Lion Bible for Children Zusammenfassung

The Lion Bible for Children Murray Watts

Murray Watts is one of the UK's foremost retellers of the Bible. He combines expert Bible knowledge with skilful storytelling to create a compelling text that speaks to children of today. This comprehensive, faithful yet imaginative retelling of the Bible reflects the variety of the original writings (e.g. reportage, poetry, history, letters) making a very readable collection - now a classic on the Lion Children's list.

The Lion Bible for Children Bewertungen

'Murray Watts has written a modern classic. With simple words in fine phrases he paints the stories as vividly as Helen Cann illustrates them. Murray Watts projects onto the screen of a child's imagination indelible pictures of the greatest story ever told.' -- Rt Rev James Jones, Bishop of Liverpool

Über Murray Watts

Murray Watts is an experienced writer for stage, radio, television, film and animation. He is the author of more than a dozen books, including the novel, Miracle Maker, and was scriptwriter for the highly acclaimed film of the same name. Helen Cann wanted to be an illustrator since she was a small girl - now she is an award-winning illustrator who has exhibited around the world and works out of a studio in seaside Brighton. Her work is mainly hand produced using watercolour, collage and graphite and has been used in picture books, anthologies and chapter books.


Introduction 12

The Old Testament
The Creation 16
The Garden of Eden 18
Creation Is Spoiled 19
A Family Tragedy 21
A Flood and a Rainbow 22
The Tower of Babel 26
Abraham and Sarah 28
God Speaks to Abraham 28
A Family Quarrel 30
God's Promise to Abraham 31
The Slave and Her Son 33
Mysterious Visitors 34
The Two Sons 36
God Tests Abraham 37
In Search of a Wife 40
The Quest Is Accomplished 41
A Wife for Isaac 43
Twin Brothers 44
Isaac Is Tricked 45
Esau's Anger 48
Jacob's Dream 48
Double-Crossed! 50
A Journey into Fear 52
The Wrestling Match 54
The Jealous Brothers 56
Revenge! 58
Joseph the Slave 60
Potiphar's Wife 61
The Dream-Teller 62
Pharaoh's Nightmares 64
Set Free! 66
Surprise Visitors 68
The Silver Cup 70
A Happy Reunion 73
The Baby in the Bulrushes 75
Murder! 77
The Burning Bush 78
Moses and Pharaoh 80
The Ten Plagues 81
The Passover 83
Freedom! 84
A Miraculous Crossing 86
Food from Heaven 88
Fire and Thunder! 89
The Ten Commandments 91
The Golden Calf 92
God's Agreement 93
A Place for Worship 94
Joshua and Caleb 96
Moses Sees the Promised Land 97
Israel's New Leader 99
Rahab and the Spies 99
The Battle of Jericho 101
God's Leader 103
Following God 104
The Judges 105
Two Brave Women 107
An Unlikely Hero 108
God's Victory 109
The Birth of Samson 112
A Dangerous Game 112
Samson and Delilah 114
Freedom in Death 116
Ruth and Naomi 117
Ruth in Bethlehem 118
Ruth and Boaz 119
A Baby for Hannah 120
God Calls Samuel 121
The Ark Is Captured 123
Israel Asks for a King 124
God Chooses Saul 124
A Promising Start 126
Saul Disobeys God 127
David the Shepherd Boy 128
David and Goliath 129
David and Saul 132
Best Friends 133
Escape! 134
David Spares Saul 135
Saul and the Medium 137
Death in Battle 138
David the King 139
David's Kindness 141
David and Bathsheba 142
David Is Found Out 143
David's Family 144
Rebellion! 145
The Psalms 147
From Psalm 8 147
Psalm 23 148
From Psalm 51 148
From Psalm 116 149
From Psalm 119 149
Psalm 131 150
From Psalm 139 150
From Psalm 148 151
Psalm 150 151
A Wise New Ruler 152
The True Mother 153
God's Temple 154
Wise Words from the Book of Proverbs 156
Solomon's Fame 157
A Sad Ending 158
The Worst Advice 160
The Divided Kingdom 161
Ahab and Jezebel 162
Elijah the Prophet 163
A Widow and Her Son 164
The Great Contest 165
Elijah on the Run 167
The Still, Small Voice 168
Elisha Is Chosen 170
Naboth's Vineyard 171
The Death of Ahab 172
The Chariot of Fire 172
The Man of God 175
Naaman and the Little Servant Girl 176
The Heavenly Army 178
The King Who Trusted God 179
Jehu the Avenger 181
A New Kind of Prophet 182
The Loving Husband 183
A Vision of Holiness 184
The Message of Isaiah 186
The End of Israel 187
A Faithful King of Judah 188
Hidden Treasure 189
The Reluctant Prophet 190
Daniel and His Friends 192
The Fiery Furnace 194
Belshazzar's Feast 195
Thrown to the Lions! 197
Queen Esther 199
A Test of Courage 200
The Joyful Return 202
Rebuilding Jerusalem 203
Rebuilding God's People 205
Jonah 206
The Promised King 209

The New Testament
Zechariah's Prayer 212
Gabriel Visits Mary 213
Mary Visits Elizabeth 215
"His Name Is John!" 216
Joseph and Mary 216
The Birth of Jesus 218
Shepherds and Angels 219
Great Rejoicing! 221
Wise Men Visit Jesus 221
The Lost Boy 223
The Baptism of Jesus 225
Tempted by the Devil 226
Water into Wine 228
Trouble in Nazareth 230
The Kingdom of Heaven 231
The Fishing Trip 232
A Miracle at Home 234
Jesus Heals a Leper 235
Friends and Enemies 236
The Paralyzed Man 237
Breaking the Rules 239
Twelve Special Friends 240
A Soldier's Faith 241
The Story of the Sower 242
The Hidden Message 243
Counting the Cost 245
Jesus' Words About Happiness 246
The Story of the Two Builders 247
The Story of the Lost Sheep 248
The Story of the Lost Coin 249
The Story of the Lost Son 250
The Lord's Prayer 252
The Two Prayers 253
A Gift of Perfume 254
The Dying Girl 255
The Woman Who Touched Jesus 256
From Death to Life 257
John the Baptist Dies 258
Loaves and Fish 259
Walking on Water 260
Peter the Rock 262
The Transfiguration 263
Who Is the Greatest? 264
A Rich Young Man 265
A Story of the Dangers of Riches 267
The Night Visitor 267
The Story of the Good Samaritan 268
Blind Bartimaeus 270
Zacchaeus the Tax Collector 271
Martha, Mary and Lazarus 273
A Family Tragedy 274
Palm Sunday 276
A House of Prayer 277
A Hard Question 279
The Traitor 280
The Last Supper 281
The Garden of Gethsemane 283
The First Trial 285
Peter Denies Jesus 286
The Roman Governor 287
The Trial Before Herod 288
The Death Sentence 289
The Crucifixion 291
Secret Disciples 293
The Burial 294
The Empty Tomb 294
The Emmaus Road 296
Jesus Is Alive! 298
Breakfast by Galilee 299
"Go into All the World" 302
Jesus Ascends into Heaven 303
Fire from Heaven 304
God's Promise 305
A Miracle at the Temple Gate 306
Growing Opposition 308
Brave Stephen 309
A Remarkable Meeting 311
A Miracle on the Damascus Road 313
Kind Dorcas 315
Escape from Jail 316
Spreading the Good News 318
Mistaken for Gods! 319
Paul in Philippi 321
A Riot! 323
Maximum Security 324
New Believers 325
The Unknown God 326
Paul in Corinth 328
Following Jesus 330
God's Love 330
True Love 331
Needing One Another 331
Being Friends with God 331
Changed Lives 331
Talking to God 332
The Lord of Creation 332
The New Life 332
How to Live Well 333
Advice from James 333
Be Careful 333
Trouble in Ephesus 334
The Road to Jerusalem 336
Arrested! 337
Shipwreck! 338
To Rome at Last 341
A New Heaven and a New Earth 342
The Lands of the Bible 344
The Land Where Jesus Lived 345
Index of People 346
Index of Places 350
Word List 352

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The Lion Bible for Children Murray Watts
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