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Lofty Matt Clough

Lofty von Matt Clough

Lofty Matt Clough

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A long-overdue full-length biography of one of England's timeless greats

Lofty Zusammenfassung

Lofty: Nat Lofthouse, England's Lion of Vienna Matt Clough

Shortlisted for the Telegraph Sports Book Awards Biography of the Year. NAT LOFTHOUSE is a name that rings through the annals of English football history like few others. He was a pivotal figure in one of the true golden ages of the beautiful game, ending his career as the leading goal scorer for both his club and his country, with a reputation as one of the game's true greats. His retirement coincided almost exactly with the abolition of the maximum wage, and ensured that his name would forever be identified with a time before money flooded the game and changed it inexorably. Lofty explores not only Lofthouse's life and career in detail never done before, but also delves into his personality and motivation through various key points of his life. Matt Clough uses interviews with those who knew him best and played alongside him, extensive research into newspaper archives and, of course, the words of the man himself to breathe life into one of football's most legendary figures.

Über Matt Clough

MATT CLOUGH is a lifelong Bolton Wanderers fan, who has been captivated by the golden age of football and Lofthouse in particular since he was young. He has contributed many football pieces for several years, including to These Football Times and Bleacher Report, and has written for the Guardian and Independent. He lives in Staffordshire. @MattJClough

Zusätzliche Informationen

Lofty: Nat Lofthouse, England's Lion of Vienna Matt Clough
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The History Press Ltd
Short-listed for The Telegraph Sports Book Awards: Biography of the Year 2020 (UK)
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