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Life Under Glass von Mark Nelson

Life Under Glass Mark Nelson

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Life Under Glass tells the fascinating story of four men and four women who lived and worked inside the Biosphere 2 structure, where they recycled their air, water, food, and wastes, setting a world record for time spent in a closed ecological system. This is the only account written during the unprecedented experiment while the team was enclosed inside.

Life Under Glass Zusammenfassung

Life Under Glass Mark Nelson

The only account written during the original enclosure, Life Under Glass tells the story of the original crew that lived and worked inside the Biosphere 2 structure for two years, where they recycled their air, water, food, and wastes, setting a world record for time spent in a closed ecological system and gaining valuable insights for confronting climate change and environmental degradation.

In Life Under Glass, Biosphere 2 crew members, Abigail Alling and Mark Nelson with co-captain Sally Silverstone present the full account of their remarkable two year enclosure, written while inside. From the struggles of growing their own food, to learning how to help sustain their life-giving atmosphere, the general reader is offered a rare glimpse into how a group of dedicated researchers managed to surprise the world and fulfill their dream. In this updated edition, a new chapter reflects on the legacy of Biosphere 2 and the state of related scientific progress. Other crews will come and go, but no one else will face the risks, the uncertainties, and the challenges that this new breed of explorers did on Biosphere 2's maiden voyage. Here is the fascinating story of how it all appeared-living under glass.

Über Mark Nelson

Abigail Kingsley Alling co-founded the non-profit organization, Biosphere Foundation (BF), in 1991 while living inside Biosphere 2 and continues today as its President and Chief Executive Officer. Biosphere Foundation's primary goal is to inspire intelligent stewardship of our biosphere. At present, BF's projects are based onboard its research vessel, Mir, where its team has initiated coral reef, sea turtle and marine mammal conservation programs in Asia. At Biosphere 2 (1986-1994), Abigail managed its research program and created & operated the largest artificial ecological marine system - a 1,000,000-gallon mangrove marsh and coral reef. Dr. Mark Nelson is a founding director of the Institute of Ecotechnics and has worked for several decades in closed ecological system research, ecological engineering, the restoration of damaged ecosystems, desert agriculture and orchardry, and wastewater recycling. He is Chairman and CEO of the Institute of Ecotechnics, a U.K. and U.S. non-profit organization, which consults to several demonstration projects working in challenging biomes around the world as well as Vice Chairman of Global Ecotechnics Corp. and head of Wastewater Gardens International. Sally Silverstone is the CFO and VP, Director of Agricultural and Forestry Systems of the Biosphere Foundation. She has worked for Tropic Ventures on a 1200 acre rainforest enrichment project, of which she is now the Executive in charge for EcoFrontiers Company. From 1987 - 1991 she was responsible for the management and coordination of the architectural division operations, financial administration, and cost control for Space Biospheres Ventures, the company which built and operated Biosphere 2. In 1991 she joined the first team of eight researchers as co-captain and food systems manager for the historic two-year mission living and working inside of the Biosphere 2 facility.

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Life Under Glass Mark Nelson
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Synergetic Press Inc.,U.S.
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