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Lawless von Kimberley Motley

Lawless Kimberley Motley

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Both an extraordinary woman's story and a nonfiction legal thriller with profoundly deep insight into the real Afghanistan.

Lawless Zusammenfassung

Lawless: A lawyer's unrelenting fight for justice in a war zone Kimberley Motley

In the summer of 2008 Kimberley Motley quit her job as a public defender in Milwaukee to join a program that helped train lawyers in war-torn Afghanistan. She was thirty-two at the time, a mother of three who had never travelled outside the United States.

What she brought to Afghanistan was a toughness and resilience which came from growing up in one of the most dangerous cities in the US, a fundamental belief in everyone's right to justice and an unconventional legal mind that has made her a legend in an archaic, misogynistic and deeply conservative environment.

Through sheer force of personality, ingenuity and perseverance, Kimberley became the first foreign lawyer to practise in Afghanistan and her work swiftly morphed into a mission - to bring 'justness' to the defenceless and voiceless. She has established herself as an expert on its fledgling criminal justice system, able to pivot between the country's complex legislation and its religious laws in defence of her clients. Her radical approach has seen her successfully represent both Afghans and Westerners, overturning sentences for men and women who've been subject to often appalling miscarriages of justice.

Inspiring and fascinating in equal measure, Lawless tells the story of a remarkable woman operating in one of the most dangerous countries in the world.

Lawless Bewertungen

A thoroughly riveting read * Sydney Morning Herald *

Über Kimberley Motley

Kimberley Motley is an American lawyer and former beauty queen who has made headlines around the world with her ground-breaking legal work in Afghanistan and beyond. As the first foreign lawyer to practice in Afghanistan, her high-profile cases have included her work in returning three British children taken illegally to the country by their father. In 2015 she was the subject of the documentary film Motley's Law, which won the Grand Jury Prize Award at DOC NYC, America's largest documentary festival.


1: The playlist 2: The Manchurian Candidate 3: I'm not a terrorist, I'm a taxi driver 4: Please help us 5: My name is Irene 6: False pretences 7: Give me your watch 8: The minimum is not guilty 9: You need to sit down 10: I don't have all day 11: Immoral crimes 12: Watch your back 13: Lock your doors and hide 14: Okay, baby. Breathe. Slow down. 15: Iron Doe 16: A man or a monster? 17: Wicked Ninja 18: Crocodile tears 19: Well, you must have done something 20: High fives 21: Article 71, I think 22: Oh . . . this is America 23: Motley's law Epilogue: The aftermath

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Lawless: A lawyer's unrelenting fight for justice in a war zone Kimberley Motley
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