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Rebels to Reels Joseph McCabe

Rebels to Reels von Joseph McCabe

Rebels to Reels Joseph McCabe

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The story of the man who filmed the footage we have today of the aftermath of Hiroshima and Nagasaki; trained the first combat cameramen of WW2 for the US Army Air Forces; filmed for the B-17 'Memphis Belle' documentary; was involved in the Roswell UFO Incident and who witnessed the Irish War of Independence and the partition of Ireland.

Rebels to Reels Zusammenfassung

Rebels to Reels: A biography of Combat Cameraman Daniel A. McGovern USAF Joseph McCabe

This is the fascinating and never before told true-life story of the man who led the filming of what is the definitive film record we have today of the aftermath of Hiroshima and Nagasaki. As one of the first outsiders into Japan at the end of hostilities, Dan McGovern started to film firstly amid the death and destruction of Nagasaki only weeks after the dropping of the atomic bombs. This three-part, highly researched biography tells the full story of how the often harrowing footage of those destroyed cities was shot and of how McGovern safeguarded that footage for posterity despite decades of US government suppression. Earlier, 'Big Mack' was designated cameraman and photographer to President Franklin Delano Roosevelt before being chosen to train the very first combat cameramen of World War Two for the then United States Army Air Forces. This was after he had first established the USAAF's Combat Camera Training School in Hollywood, California where he worked with some of the most celebrated actors and directors of his day. 'Rebels to Reels', also for the very first time, tells the full story of how McGovern trained those cameramen before he himself deployed to England from where he flew perilous combat missions over Nazi occupied Europe. Readers glean a unique 'fly on the fuselage' experience as 'Rebels to Reels' brings them on McGovern's B-17 missions as he filmed. This biography also contains Dan's remarkable accounts of his involvement in the UFO Roswell Incident and of the transition of the USAAF into the United States Air Force - the 75th Anniversary of which occurs in 2022. However, Dan's story begins not in America, but in his native Ireland where, as a boy and the son of a policemen of the Royal Irish Constabulary, McGovern associated with the infamous Black and Tans as he eye-witnessed the Irish War of Independence unfold and later the partitioning of Ireland with the foundation of Northern Ireland in 1921 and the Irish Free State the following year the centenary of which also occurs this year. This biography is a must for anyone who loves a great story but it will particularly appeal to anyone with an interest in History, Military History and World War 2; Photography, Film and the history of both, Aviation and the history of Policing.

Über Joseph McCabe

Joseph McCabe has worked in many different and varying aspects of the news media industry for almost thirty years. He is a native of Carrickmacross, County Monaghan, Ireland which was originally also the hometown of Lieutenant Colonel Daniel A. McGovern - the subject of Rebels to Reels. As a journalist he has contributed to national, international and local publications as well as to the broadcast and online media. He is a long-standing member of the National Union of Journalists (NUJ). Having a lifelong interest in military history and particularly that of World War 2, he has travelled to many historical battlefields across the world. He has also interviewed many veterans of World War 2 and later conflicts.


PART ONE 1. A Barracks Home 3 2. The Irish War of Independence 16 3. The Black and Tans 1920 32 4. The Barracks Attack 51 5. The Truce and the Barracks Handover 68 PART TWO 6. The Early Years in America 89 7. Battleships in the Desert 99 8. Trainee Cameramen and the Hollywood Set 114 9. Viewfinders and Bombsights 141 10. William Wyler 155 11. The Eleventh Man 170 12. Cameras and Contrails 189 13. The Belle of the Ball 211 14. Schweinfurt 225 15. The German Escort Home 240 PART THREE 16. President Truman's Decision 267 17. Nagasaki 288 18. Tojo and the Emperor's White Horse 308 19. General Anderson and the USSBS 320 20. Filming Japan from the Emperor Special 336 21. Clipped Wings and Sunken Hulks 362 22. The Suppression of the Footage 375 23. The Post War Years 393 23. The Post War Years 393 24. The Footage Declassified 412 Epilogue 427 Acknowledgments 433 About the Author 441

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Rebels to Reels: A biography of Combat Cameraman Daniel A. McGovern USAF Joseph McCabe
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Joseph McCabe
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