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Star Wars Coding Projects von Jon Woodcock

Star Wars Coding Projects Jon Woodcock

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Star Wars Coding Projects Zusammenfassung

Star Wars Coding Projects: A Step-by-Step Visual Guide to Coding Your Own Animations, Games, Simulations and More! Jon Woodcock

Learn to design and code games using Scratch, inspired by the Star Wars (TM) universe!

Star Wars Coding Projects is a step-by-step visual guide to designing and coding in Scratch. The setting is as big as your imagination. Your favourite Star Wars characters will guide you through fun projects, animations, and games as you learn how to create and code. Draw your own Star Wars (TM) inspired sprites to use in the projects. You're the director as you navigate the spaceship you've designed through the asteroid belt you imagined as you go on the jetpack adventures you brought to life.

Learn essential coding skills, share the sprites you drew with friends, and even challenge your pals to beat your high scores in the games you designed. Each project lists the sprites you'll have fun creating through simple, numbered steps that are fully illustrated and easy to follow. Coding games have never been so fun, with Star Wars characters to guide you.

The six projects in the book are:

- Dodge asteroids
- Fly with a jetpack
- Escape enemies
- Design your own droid
- Send a droid on a secret spy mission
- Use the force to move objects on screen

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Star Wars Coding Projects Bewertungen

Learn to code with C-3PO and Darth Vader. This easy guide lets them build their own characters, navigate spaceships through an asteroid belt and go on jet-pack adventures. * Smallish *
Star Wars Coding Projects is a fantastic introduction to an increasingly important skill. It's an ideal gift for kids who are new to coding and should set them up with both the knowledge and confidence to create their own games and animations using Scratch. * Diary of the Dad *
With the high production values you expect from DK books, tons of lovely artwork, and a whole host of interesting programming projects, it's an instant win. * Read it Daddy *
My son loved the projects and immediately book marked a few of the projects to try with his Dad. The book is really well made, he loved the colour coded pages and the progress bar which runs along the top of each page. My son really enjoyed reading this book and was excited to get started. * The Gingerbread House *

Über Jon Woodcock

Dr. Jon Woodcock has a degree in physics from the University of Oxford and a PhD in computational astrophysics from the University of London. He started coding at the age of eight and has programmed all kinds of computers, from single-chip microcontrollers to world-class supercomputers. His many projects include giant space simulations, research in high-tech companies, and intelligent robots made from junk. Jon has a passion for science and technology education, giving talks on space and running computer programming clubs in schools. He has worked on numerous science and technology books as a contributor and consultant, including DK's How Cool Stuff Works and Help Your Kids with Computer Coding.

Kiki Prottsman is Education Program Manager at Code.org and a former computer science instructor at the University of Oregon. As a champion for responsible computing and equity in both CS employment and education, Kiki works with many organizations to improve the experience of girls and women in STEM. She currently sits on the Advisory Board for Wonder Workshop Robotics, and is a member of the Leadership team for the Oregon Girls Collaborative Project. Kiki is based in Eugene, Oregon.


  • 1: Foreword by Kiki Prottsman
  • 2: Computer Coding
  • 3: What is Scratch?
  • 4: Exploring Scratch
  • 5: Databank: Using Images in Scratch
  • 6: Databank: Using Sound in Scratch
  • 7: Cargo Bay Chase
  • 8: Build-a-Droid
  • 9: Jetpack Adventure
  • 10: Use the Force!
  • 11: Secret Spy Mission
  • 12: Asteroid Dash
  • 13: Glossary
  • 14: How to Get Scratch

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Star Wars Coding Projects: A Step-by-Step Visual Guide to Coding Your Own Animations, Games, Simulations and More! Jon Woodcock
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