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Dylan, Lennon, Marx and God Jon Stewart

Dylan, Lennon, Marx and God von Jon Stewart

Dylan, Lennon, Marx and God Jon Stewart

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This dual biography explores popular music's two most influential songwriters and their place within the political and social movements of their time. It discusses their relationship, politics, appreciation of history and spirituality to show how each artist challenged convention and asked profound questions about what it means to be human.

Dylan, Lennon, Marx and God Zusammenfassung

Dylan, Lennon, Marx and God Jon Stewart

Bob Dylan and John Lennon are two of the most iconic names in popular music. Dylan is arguably the twentieth century's most important singer-songwriter. Lennon was founder and leader of the Beatles who remain, by some margin, the most covered songwriters in history. While Dylan erased the boundaries between pop and poetry, Lennon and his band transformed the genre's creative potential. The parallels between the two men are striking but underexplored. This book addresses that lack. Jon Stewart discusses Dylan's and Lennon's relationship; their politics; their understanding of history; and their deeply held spiritual beliefs. In revealing how each artist challenged the restrictive social norms of their day, the author shows how his subjects asked profound moral questions about what it means to be human and how we should live. His book is a potent meditation and exploration of two emblematic figures whose brilliance changed Western music for a generation.

Dylan, Lennon, Marx and God Bewertungen

'In this illuminating book Jon Stewart invites readers to explore the work of John Lennon and Bob Dylan through the filter of three key themes - protest, history, and spirituality. There is a simplicity and an elegance to this approach, and the result is a compelling and revealing analysis of the very familiar music of two canonical singer-songwriters.' Sarah Hill, University of Oxford


1. Introduction; 2. Dylan, Lennon and dual biography; 3. Dylan, Lennon and anti-war protest music; 4. John Lennon and history; 5. Bob Dylan and history; 6. Dylan, Lennon and spirituality; 7. Conclusion; Appendices; List of references; Index.

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Dylan, Lennon, Marx and God Jon Stewart
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Cambridge University Press
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