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This is Geography 3 Pupil Book von John Widdowson

This is Geography 3 Pupil Book John Widdowson

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Less content, more learning!

This is Geography is a major new course for the revised Geography curriculum for Key Stage 3 Geography.

It helps you do more learning with less content - precisely what the revised curriculum is about.

This is Geography 3 Pupil Book Zusammenfassung

This is Geography 3 Pupil Book John Widdowson

This is Geography is a major new course for Key Stage 3 Geography aiming to raise standards of teaching and learning.

It offers:

- Less content, more learning - a streamlined scheme of work which focuses on the essentials and which therefore allows teachers to do in-depth work on real world topics that really matter to pupils

- Worthwhile and significant tasks - every unit builds, step by step, towards an engaging and significant final task. These tasks use the full range of learning styles to provide something for all pupils.

The associated Teachers Resource Book, available in print and as a CD, supports this Pupil`s Book with lesson plans and differentiated worksheets - for homework and class work. The lesson plans and worksheets are also provided on CD for you to edit and customise.

Über John Widdowson

John Widdowson is a geography teacher and author of successful and award-winning geography titles. He is the author of the Earthworks series - which twice won the Geographical Association's Silver Award for educational resources and of the Geography Special Needs Support Material used in hundreds of schools all around the country to raise achievement among lower ability pupils.

He has always lived and worked in east London. He knows the area inside out and has seen plenty of changes. The latest, and probably the biggest, is the Olympic Park, right on his doorstep.

'One of the things that attracted me to geography teaching was its potential to get students out of the classroom and into the real world. As a teacher in east London, this is my classroom! So, as more and more schools started to arrive from other parts of the country wanting to see what was happening at the Olympic Park, I decided to offer them an exciting and worthwhile geographical experience. That is why I now run urban geography courses in east London.

Like the 2012 Games, I hope it won't just be a four-week wonder.'

This is Geography 3 includes a chapter on the Olympic Games, 'The Olympic Games and Paralympic Games comes to town - What's the secret of a successful Olympic bid?


  • : 0 For each unit this contents list shows: Unit title/Key concept covered/Key enquiry question/Main pupil task
  • : 1 Living on the edge
    • : Physical and human processes
    • : What makes Indonesia such a dangerous place to live?
    • : Write a newspaper report about Indonesia, after the Asian tsunami
  • : 2 Save the rainforest!
    • : Environmental interaction & sustainable development
    • : Why does it matter if the rainforest is destroyed?
    • : Produce a guide for the Eden Project to explain why the rainforest is so important
  • : 3 India - a developing story
    • : Place and Cultural understanding and diversity
    • : Which way should for India develop now?
    • : Evaluate three different development strategies and decide which will work best for India
  • : River risk
    • : Physical and human processes
    • : How safe would a river field trip be?
    • : You will consider the risks at different sites along a river and do your own fieldwork investigation. Finally, you will carry out a risk assessment to help you to decide if a river walk would be safe.
  • : 4 Food for the future
    • : Interdependence
    • : What are the ingredients for a better world?
    • : Plan a recipe so that it is good for the rest of the world, as well as for you
  • : 5 The Olympic Games and Paralympic Games come to town
    • : Space
    • : What's the secret of a successful Olympic bid?
    • : Put together your own Olympic bid. Why would your city make a great place to host the Olympic Games?
  • : 6 Israel/Palestine - a land divided
    • : Space
    • : Is building a barrier the best way to create peace?
    • : Decide whether building a barrier is the best way to create peace, or if there is a better option
  • : 7 Antarctica - the ultimate challenge
    • : Place
    • : Why should we be interested in Antarctica?
    • : Make a proposal for a new scientific expedition to Antarctica
  • : Key concept table
  • : Glossary
  • : Index
  • : Acknowledgements

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This is Geography 3 Pupil Book John Widdowson
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