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Learning for Life and Work Book 3 von John McCusker

Learning for Life and Work Book 3 John McCusker

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Specifically designed for the Northern Ireland Key Stage 3 Learning for Life and Work Curriculum.

Learning for Life and Work Book 3 Zusammenfassung

Learning for Life and Work Book 3 John McCusker

Specifically designed for the Northern Ireland Key Stage 3 Learning for Life and Work Curriculum, Learning for Life Work is a three-book course which:
* Integrates the three areas of Personal Development, Local and Global Citizenship and Education for Employability in a book for each year of the Key Stage
* Engages pupils through an active learning approach to the key themes
* Features opportunities for personal reflection and assessment for learning
* Includes a wide variety of activities, designed to develop thinking skills and personal capabilities.

The third book in the series is designed to build on the concepts and understanding learnt in Year 9 in a fun, engaging and varied way.

Über John McCusker

All of the authors are experts in their field and are key people in the Learning for Life and Work Curriculum area.


Personal development 1 How can I be a person of integrity? 2 How can I develop as a spiritual person? 3 How do I accept personal responsibility in my life? 4 What do I manage body impulses? 5 How can I become better at planning? 6 How do I think constructively? 7 How do I develop refusal skills? 8 What can I do to make decisions really happen? 9 How do I manage personal change? 10 What risk does alcohol present in my life? 11 What is so good about being male or female? 12 How do I deal with loneliness? 13 How do I avoid sexually transmitted infections? 14 What are the pros and cons of using contraception? 15 Where do I get help in my community? Local and Global Citizenship 16 What do we mean by democracy? 17 Is 'participation' a human right? 18 Do children have a right to participate? 19 How can I participate in my school? 20 How can people actively participate in their society? 21 Who makes the decisions that affect me? 22 What decisions can my representatives make? 23 Why should I take action in a democracy? 24 How can we carry out an action project? 25 What are the characteristics of democracy? 26 What is the role of human rights in a democracy? 27 Why do we need laws in democracy? 28 How do breaches of the law affect the community? 29 How can laws be enforced? 30 What have I learnt about citizenship? Education for Employability 31 How do I make choices? 32 Where can I get help? 33 How do I start to choose a career? 34 What are my Options? 35 What subjects should I study? 36 What type of job might I do? - job profiles. 37 What motivates people to work? 38 How can I make myself more employable? 39 What is the European Union? 40 Could I live and work in another country? 41 What contribution do businesses make to my community? 42 How could I create a real business idea? 43 Could I start a business?

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Learning for Life and Work Book 3 John McCusker
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