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The Giant Under the Snow von John Gordon

The Giant Under the Snow John Gordon

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Three children unwittingly awaken a sleeping giant and unleash powerful ancient forces for better...or worse. In a chilling tale full of menace and suspense the final battle between good and evil must be fought.This fantasy for 9+ age group first published in 1968, created a world of magic, ancient evil and curses long before Harry Potter.

The Giant Under the Snow Zusammenfassung

The Giant Under the Snow John Gordon

First published in 1968, THE GIANT UNDER THE SNOW created a fascinating world of magic, ancient evil and curses long before Harry Potter and His Dark Materials. Three children find an ornate Celtic buckle. To them it's treasure, a fantastic find. They have no idea that it has awakened a giant who has lain at rest for centuries. Little do they know that an evil warlord and his Leathermen have also awaited this moment, this chance to wield their deadly power. In a chilling tale full of menace and suspense the final battle between good and evil must be fought. This is a story that transcends age. Beautifully written, subtle and evocative, THE GIANT UNDER THE SNOW transports the reader into an intensely atmospheric world where the imagination knows no bounds.

The Giant Under the Snow Bewertungen

'has a timeless feel... contains some truly terrifying moments in an intensely exciting, evocative read.' -- Becky Stradwick (Borders UK) THE BOOKSELLER 20.1.06 'the story has lost none of its magic and menace. Both gripping and beautifully written, it should mesmerise a new generation.' -- Angela Lockton (The Golden Treasury) THE BOOKSELLER 20.1.06 'John Gordon's direct prose style creates a dynamic and nervous tension, driving the action forward... a very modern fantasy.' -- Ferelith Hordon WRITE AWAY 'a stirring tale of the Green Man which has not dated since publication in 1968' -- Geraldine Brennan TES 'atmospheric and chilling and sure to grip a new generation of young readers.' WOMAN'S WEEKLY 'full of striking images' -- Nick Lezard INDEPENDENT ON SUNDAY 'a beautiful reissue of the classic children's fantasy adventure' -- Becca Pennicott FAVERSHAM NEWS 'First published in 1968, Gordon's fantasy still remains fresh due to his finely-paired prose and lack of references dating his material. This is a book that will recall the works of Susan Cooper and Alan Garner in tis delieation of a classic clash when ancient eveil enters the present day. Gary Blythe's vignettes head each chapter, capturing the mood of a tale full of lurking menace.' BOOKS FOR KEEPS 'The pace of the narrative is rapid and there is a fierce and precise vitality in the descriptions... the account of the Green Man rising from the underground - at first menacing, ultimately benevolent - is stunning.' -- Victor Watson INIS (Ireland)

Über John Gordon

John Gordon was born in 1925. A Geordie by birth, he moved to East Anglia with his family at the age of twelve. He served in the Navy during the Second World War and afterwards worked as a journalist. He is widely recognised as one of the finest contemporary writers of horror and the supernatural. His books include The Burning Baby and Other Ghosts, Gilray's Ghost, The Flesh Eater and The Midwinter Watch. Married with two grown-up children, he lives in Norwich.

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The Giant Under the Snow John Gordon
Gebraucht - Sehr Gut
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Hachette Children's Group
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