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Anouilh Plays: 2 Jean Anouilh

Anouilh Plays: 2 von Jean Anouilh

Anouilh Plays: 2 Jean Anouilh

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This selection of plays includes some of Jean Anouilh's most enduring plays: The Rehearsal; Becket; The Orchstra: A Play Within a Concert; and Eurydice.

Anouilh Plays: 2 Zusammenfassung

Anouilh Plays: 2: The Rehearsal; Becket; The Orchestra; Eurydice Jean Anouilh

A selection of the most enduring work of one of this century's best-known French playwrights This selection of plays by Jean Anouilh (1910-87), includes The Rehearsal ('quintissential Anouilh', Herald Tribune); Becket ('witty, intelligent, full of repartee and irreverence' Financial Times); The Orchestra (a play within a concert), together with Eurydice, an ironic modern reworkng of the myth ('a fascinating piece', Financial Times).Anouilh is a poet but not a poet of words, he is a poet of words-acted, of scenes-set, of players-performing. (Peter Brook)

Über Jean Anouilh

Jean Anouilh was born in Bordeaux in 1910. He studied law briefly at the Sorbonne and then became a copywriter for an advertising agency. In 1931 he became secretary to the actor-manager, Louis Jouvet, and his first play, The Ermine, was staged the following year. Antigone firmly established his popularity in France in 1944, and Peter Brook's 1950 production of Ring Round the Moon in Christopher Fry's translation made his name in England. His best-known plays are: Restless Heart (1934); Dinner with the Family, Traveller without Luggage (both 1937); Thieves' Carnival (1938); Leocadia (1939); Point of Departure (Eurydice) (1941); Romeo and Jeannette (1945); Medea (1946); Ardele (1948); The Rehearsal (1950); Colombe (1951); The Waltz of the Toreadors (1952); The Lark (1953); Ornifle (1955); Poor Bitos (1956); Becket (1956); The Fighting Cock (1966); Dear Antoine (1971); The Director of the Opera (1973); Number One (1981). Twice married, he lived mainly in Switzerland for the last thirty years of his life. Anouilh died in 1987. Jeremy Sams has translated for many productions for the National Theatre, ENO and Royal Opera House. He has directed numerous plays at the National Theatre, in the West End and on Broadway, and is a multi-award-winning composer, arranger and musical director. Peter Meyer's translations of four one-act plays by Feydeau (as From Marriage to Divorce) and Thirteen Monologues (six by Feydeau, seven by Cocteau) are also published by Oberon Books.


The Rehearsal; Becket; The Orchestra; Eurydice

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Anouilh Plays: 2: The Rehearsal; Becket; The Orchestra; Eurydice Jean Anouilh
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