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Nuremberg: Evil on Trial James Owen

Nuremberg: Evil on Trial von James Owen

Nuremberg: Evil on Trial James Owen

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Sixty years after the event, using original transcripts and the observations of key commentators of the time, this is a dramatic account of the Nuremberg Trial, which saw 22 Nazi leaders brought to justice for atrocious war crimes.

Nuremberg: Evil on Trial Zusammenfassung

Nuremberg: Evil on Trial James Owen

As the Second World War ended, the first army unit to come across the Nazi leaders could have executed them summarily. Or their judgement might have fallen to the German people, as at the end of the First World War. But an international military tribunal offered the unprecedented opportunity for them to be fairly tried and damned only on the evidence of their own meticulous documentation of genocide, war crimes and other atrocities. In November 1945, 22 of Nazi Germany's leading figures took the stand in a trial that foreshadowed the trials of war criminals in Bosnia, and Saddam Hussein in Iraq today. Nuremberg: Evil on Trial reveals the courtroom drama that unfolded. Sixty years after the verdict and executions, using original transcripts and incisive commentary, this is a comprehensive yet accessible account of a key moment in world history.

Nuremberg: Evil on Trial Bewertungen

'Lucidly written and ingeniously argued' -- Sunday Times on A Serpent in Eden 'A fascinating book written with exemplary thoroughness' -- William Boyd in the Daily Telegraph, on A Serpent in Eden 'Extremely enjoyable and deeply engrossing' -- Sunday Times on A Serpent in Eden 'An extraordinary anthology' -- Sunday Times on The Voice of War

Über James Owen

James Owen was born in London in 1969. He studied Modern History at Oxford University. His previous books are A Serpent in Eden - shortlisted for the 2005 CWA Golden Dagger (non-fiction), and The Voice of War: The Second World War Told By Those Who Fought It, with Guy Walters. He writes regularly for The Times, the Telegraph, the Evening Standard and the FT.

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Nuremberg: Evil on Trial James Owen
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