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Beyond Good and Evil Glyn Rhodes

Beyond Good and Evil von Glyn Rhodes

Beyond Good and Evil Glyn Rhodes

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Glyn Rhodes MBE has spent more than 40 years as a boxer, trainer, manager and promoter. In his explosive autobiography, he explains how boxing both saved and brutalised him. He provides a fresh perspective on many well-known British boxing figures, reflects on boxing's culture and shows why the sport should neither be condemned nor celebrated.

Beyond Good and Evil Zusammenfassung

Beyond Good and Evil: Glyn Rhodes MBE, a Life in Boxing Glyn Rhodes

Glyn Rhodes MBE has devoted his life to boxing. Since wandering into the world-famous St Thomas' gym in Sheffield as a directionless teenager, he has spent more than 40 years working inside and outside the ropes. Cognisant of how this hardest of sports both saved and brutalised him, he is now ready to tell his story. Rhodes' reflections offer fresh perspectives on the likes of Naseem Hamed, Johnny Nelson, Herol Graham, Clinton Woods, the British Boxing Board of Control, plus his complicated relationship with the iconic Brendan Ingle. He reveals how boxing lifted him from his childhood on Sheffield council estates to royal appointments and financial security. Yet ultimately, the sport that gave him so much nearly broke him, causing him to seek psychiatric help. As boxing continues to attract both support and condemnation, Rhodes' story shows how the sport's defenders and detractors suffer the same delusion. You cannot truly love or hate boxing, because it is such different things, at different times, to different people.

Über Glyn Rhodes

Glyn Rhodes MBE has collaborated with Mark Turley to tell his story. Mark is the author of five sports books, including Journeymen: the Other Side of the Boxing Business and Redemption: From Iron Bars to Ironman, both of which were nominated for William Hill Sports Book of the Year. His journalism has appeared in The Telegraph, Men's Fitness, Boxing News, Sport Magazine and many other outlets. He is currently a boxing correspondent for BBC Sport.

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Beyond Good and Evil: Glyn Rhodes MBE, a Life in Boxing Glyn Rhodes
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