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National Mathematics Project von Eon Harper

National Mathematics Project Eon Harper

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This third year Blue Track book for pupils is part of a five year NMP scheme in mathematics and aims to lead pupils towards grades (C) D E F G in GCSE. Each book provides material for the whole ability range and aims to promote guided active learning. The books have undergone trials in schools.

National Mathematics Project Zusammenfassung

National Mathematics Project: Mathematics for Secondary Schools: Year 3 Eon Harper

This Blue Track volume is designed for third year secondary school pupils and is intended to lead the student towards grades (C) D E F G in GCSE. The book is part of a five year NMP scheme in mathematics for secondary schools. The NMP series comprises a single textbook for all pupils in year one. In years two, three, four and five there are two tracks, Red and Blue, with a single pupil's text for each track. The Red Track leads towards the higher GCSE grades A B C (D) and the Blue Track towards the lower grades. The structure of the course aims to provide a system whereby appropriate material for the whole ability range is included in one book, and which at the same time makes allowance for pupils whose mathematical ability develops during the secondary school years. The books were written by teachers to satisfy the recommendations of the Cockcroft Report, the requirements of the GCSE National Criteria and examination syllabuses and have undergone trials in schools. They combine content and process, an important recommendation of Cockcroft and aim to promote guided active learning in order to develop pupils' skills, knowledge and understanding. This is done by the inclusion of varying sections, some of which encourage work with others, some have structured, more challenging tasks and yet others include activities, investigative work and project work. A teacher's handbook is available to accompany each level of each year and contains reduced versions of all the pupils' pages, with page-by-page teaching points.


Moving points; estimates; shapes; planning and calculating; thinking in three dimensions; using ratio; dealing with shapes; accuracy and approximation; enlarging and reducing; using letters; using matrices; thinking with brackets; polygons; special numbers; taking a chance; on reflection; similar shapes; dealing with numbers; using letters for rules; thinking about circles; working with fractions; rules and graphs; rotation; using percentages; dealing with information; squares and square roots; working with graphs; working with numbers; angles and distances; using indices; thinking about letters; stretching and shearing.

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National Mathematics Project: Mathematics for Secondary Schools: Year 3 Eon Harper
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