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The Mishomis Book Edward Benton-Banai

The Mishomis Book von Edward Benton-Banai

The Mishomis Book Edward Benton-Banai

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For young readers, the collected wisdom and traditions of Ojibway elders.

The Mishomis Book Zusammenfassung

The Mishomis Book: The Voice of the Ojibway Edward Benton-Banai

The Ojibway is one of the largest groups of Native Americans, belonging to the Anishinabe people of what is today the northern United States and Canada. The Mishomis Book documents the history, traditions, and culture of the Ojibway people through stories and myths passed down through generations. Written by Ojibway educator and spiritual leader Edward Benton-Banai, and first published in 1988, The Mishomis Book draws from the traditional teachings of tribal elders to instruct young readers about Ojibway creation stories and legends, the origin and importance of the Ojibway family structure and clan system, the Midewiwin religion, the construction and use of the water drum and sweat lodge, and modern Ojibway history.
Written for readers from all cultures-but especially for Ojibway and Native youth-The Mishomis Book provides an introduction to Ojibway culture and an understanding of the sacred Midewiwin teachings, aiming to protect this knowledge by instilling its importance in a new generation. Encouraging the preservation of a way of life that is centered on respect for all living things, these vibrant stories about life, self, community, and relationship to nature are just as relevant to the modern reader as they were hundreds of years ago.

The Mishomis Book Bewertungen

A truly significant effort-every tribe should support this kind of writing about their history and traditions. -Vine Deloria, Jr

Über Edward Benton-Banai

Edward Benton-Banai is a Wisconsin Ojibway of the Fish Clan and a spiritual teacher of the Lac Court Orielles Band of the Ojibway Tribe. One of the original founders of the American Indian Movement, he was also the founder and executive director of the Red School House in St. Paul, Minnesota.


CHAPTER 1 The Ojibway Creation Story
CHAPTER 2 Original Man Walks the Earth
CHAPTER 3 Original Man and His Grandmother No-ko'-mis
CHAPTER 4 The Earth's First People
CHAPTER 5 The Great Flood
CHAPTER 6 Waynaboozhoo and the Search for His Father
CHAPTER 7 Waynaboozhoo and His Return to the People
CHAPTER 8 The Seven Grandfathers and the Little Boy
CHAPTER 9 The Old Man and the First Midewiwin Ceremony
CHAPTER 10 The Clan System
CHAPTER 11 The Pipe and the Eagle
CHAPTER 12 The Sweat Lodge
CHAPTER 13 The Seven Fires
CHAPTER 14 The Migration of the Anishinabe
CHAPTER 15 Conclusion: Stepping into Modern History

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The Mishomis Book: The Voice of the Ojibway Edward Benton-Banai
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University of Minnesota Press
Short-listed for Northeastern Minnesota Book Award (Children's Literature) 2010
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