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Greek to GCSE: Part 2 von Dr John Taylor (Lecturer in Classics, University of Manchester, previously Tonbridge School, UK)

Greek to GCSE: Part 2 John Taylor (Lecturer in Classics, Manchester University, previously Tonbridge School, UK)

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Greek to GCSE: Part 2 Zusammenfassung

Greek to GCSE: Part 2: for OCR GCSE Classical Greek (9-1) John Taylor (Lecturer in Classics, Manchester University, previously Tonbridge School, UK)

First written in response to a JACT survey of over 100 schools, and now endorsed by OCR, this textbook has become a standard resource for students in the UK and for readers across the world who are looking for a clear and thorough introduction to the language of the ancient Greeks. Revised throughout and enhanced by coloured artwork and text features, this edition will support the new OCR specification for Classical Greek (first teaching 2016). Part 1 covers the basics, whilst Part 2 introduces a wider range of grammatical forms and constructions, with a vocabulary of 435 words and reading material from Socrates and the Sophists to the world of myth, and finally to extended passages of lightly adapted Herodotus. Practice passages, exam papers and revision sentences for GCSE complete Part 2, which has a reference section covering the whole course. Written by a long-time school teacher and examiner, this two-part course is based on experience of what pupils find difficult, concentrating on the essentials and on the understanding of principles in both accidence and syntax: minor irregularities are postponed and subordinated so that the need for rote learning is reduced. It aims to be user-friendly, but also to give pupils a firm foundation for further study.

Greek to GCSE: Part 2 Bewertungen

Represent[s] a lean, pellucid, and expeditious path to a solid mastery and thorough enjoyment of Greek. Volumes 1 and 2 together will provide a fresh year-long introduction for both college and high school levels and expand the menu of choices available. * New England Classical Journal *

Über John Taylor (Lecturer in Classics, Manchester University, previously Tonbridge School, UK)

John Taylor was for many years Head of Classics at Tonbridge School, UK, and is now Lecturer in Greek and Latin at the University of Manchester, UK. He is the author of Greek Beyond GCSE and co-author of Greek Stories (with Kristian Waite) and Greek Unseen Translation and Writing Greek (both with Stephen Anderson). These and his new companion course, Latin to GCSE, co-written with Henry Cullen, are all published by Bloomsbury.


List of Illustrations List of Abbreviations Vocabulary and Glossing Map Chapter 7 (the passive voice; the present passive participle; the passive infinitive; this and that; the imperfect passive; comparison of adjectives and adverbs; relative clauses; irregular 3rd-declension nouns; root aorists; result clauses) Chapter 8 (middle-voice and deponent verbs; the aorist middle and passive; the future middle and passive; the genitive absolute; active verbs with middle-form futures; deponent verbs with passive-form aorists; reflexive pronouns; third person possessives; future infinitives; compound negatives) Chapter 9 (more on irregular 3rd-declension nouns; 3rd-declension adjectives; mixed-declension adjectives; epsilon contraction; augment; compound adjectives and negatives; aorist imperative; more imperatives; indirect command; more infinitives; impersonal verbs; infinitive after verbs) Chapter 10 (the indirect statement; the verb to give; result clauses with infinitive; verbs with alpha contraction; irregular comparatives and superlatives; prepositions; compound verbs; direct and indirect questions) Chapter 11 (present and aorist subjunctive and uses; conditional sentences; present, aorist and future optative and uses) Chapter 12 Practice passages Revision sentences GCSE English - Greek Practice Sentences GCSE Practice Papers Reference Grammar and Revision Guide Glossary of Grammar Terms Vocabulary - English to Greek - Greek to English Index

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Greek to GCSE: Part 2: for OCR GCSE Classical Greek (9-1) John Taylor (Lecturer in Classics, Manchester University, previously Tonbridge School, UK)
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