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The Slime Book von DK

The Slime Book DK

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The Slime Book Zusammenfassung

The Slime Book: All You Need to Know to Make the Perfect Slime DK

Over 30 delightfully gloopy, gooey, colourful DIY recipes will mesmerise youngsters by showing them how to make slime.

Play, poke, push, pull, and pop fabulous easy-to-follow slime recipes. They are all tried and tested by our slime experts, so you don't have to search the vast digital plains for the perfect recipe.

Create monster slime with googly eyes, tuck into some yummy edible chocolate slime and see the rainbow with unicorn slime.

All projects in this kid's book are shown with clear step-by-step images and a vibrant image of the final product in all its slimy glory! Learn the science behind these slime creations with amazing fun facts and carry on the fun with recipe variations. The latest in addictive kids' activities, making your slime is the ultimate sticky and squidgy fun.

All slime recipes are borax-free, and with online recipes varying so drastically, it's nice to know that your slime-y masterpieces will come out perfect on the first try.

Making slime is currently one of the most popular trends for children, with some homemade slime videos reaching 30 million views. With 30 recipes, The Slime Book includes more variations than any slime book available, and all recipes use safe, readily available ingredients. Science information boxes add an educational element to the book without detracting from the fun.

Ideal for children ages 5-9 who are new to the slime trend or who are already obsessed with slime and looking for new, funky recipes.

Get Ready To Slime!

From basic slime to edible, textured, glow-in-the-dark, and colour-changing slime - there's something for everyone! Kids will be mesmerised and "slimerized" by the book's gloopy, gooey, colourful slime recipes. Create a volcanic slime eruption, gross-out your friends with snot slime, and tuck into tasty chocolatey slime.

Simple step-by-steps and vibrant photographs show how to create awesome slime, every time. Each recipe uses safe, readily available ingredients, so you can start pulling and poking straight away.

Get ready to become slime extraordinaire, making:
- Glitter slime
- Pompom slime
- Alphabet slime
- Glow in the dark slime
- Magnetic slime
- Dinosaurs in amber slime and much more!

This book was such a hit that DK released a second "slimetastic" title! Try Super Slime next, packed with another 30 innovative recipes your little ones will love to try!

The Slime Book Bewertungen

This is a perfect book for slime crazy 8 year olds! Loads of different types of slime to make and easy to follow! Slimetastic! -- Parent with child age 8 * Toppsta *
A really clear and colourful book all about how to make your own slime.... Would make a fun gift -- Parent with child age 5 * Toppsta *
I knew this was going to go down well with both girls... they love it and love watching the chemical reactions take place as it becomes slime -- Parent with child age 11 * Toppsta *
If you are a fan of slime, you'll love this book -- Parent with children ages 5 and 3 * Toppsta *
Wonderfully presented, and even fun just to look through thanks to the bright and vibrant photographs on each page -- Parent with children ages 7 and 3 * Toppsta *


  • 1: Non-edible Slime
    • 1: Basic Slime 8 Stretchy Slime
    • 2: Fluffy Slime
    • 3: See-through Slime
    • 4: Serious Putty
    • 5: Starry Slime
    • 6: Variation - Party Slime
    • 7: Crunchy Slime
    • 8: Smelly Slime
    • 9: Glitter Slime
    • 10: Popping Slime
    • 11: Slimy Shades of Colour
    • 12: Gold Slime
    • 13: Variation - Gold Glitter Slime
    • 14: Unicorn Slime
    • 15: Metallic Slime
    • 16: Sand Slime
    • 17: Monster Slime
    • 18: Snow Slime
    • 19: Variation - Colourful Snow
    • 20: Fake Snot
    • 21: Pompom Slime
    • 22: Variation - Alphabet Slime
    • 23: Winter Wonderland Slime
    • 24: Dinosaurs in Amber
    • 25: Bubbling Swamp Slime
    • 26: Bubble Slime
    • 27: Glow-in-the-Dark
  • 2: Edible Slime
    • 1: Chocolate Goo
    • 2: Variation - Chocolate Chips
    • 3: Sticky, Icky, Tasty Slime
    • 4: The Bear Necessities
    • 5: Stripy Slime
    • 6: Slime Storage, Cleaning Up,
  • 3: Hints and Tips

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The Slime Book: All You Need to Know to Make the Perfect Slime DK
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Dorling Kindersley Ltd
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