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In the Shadow of Nelson Denis Orde

In the Shadow of Nelson von Denis Orde

In the Shadow of Nelson Denis Orde

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In the Shadow of Nelson Zusammenfassung

In the Shadow of Nelson: The Life of Admiral Lord Collingwood Denis Orde

Vice Admiral Cuthbert (Cuddy) Collingwood may have been 10 years older than Horatio Nelson but he was Nelson's close friend from the outset. They served together for over 30 years and only at Trafalgar, was Nelson his superior officer. The relationship is all the stranger as their temperaments greatly differed. Collingwood was reserved, austere and shy but utterly competent which was why Nelson's meteoric career was so closely linked to his. Collingwood's reputation was made in battles such as The Glorious First of June (1794) and Cape St Vincent (1797). Collingwood's career survived reverses; he was court-martialed in 1777 by a commander for whom he had no respect. He was acquitted. Collingwood in The Royal Sovereign led the lee column at Trafalgar. After assuming command of the Fleet on Nelson's death he was the author of the famous Trafalgar Despatch that announced the victory and death of Nelson to the Nation. He became Commander in Chief Mediterranean Fleet but was never to return home. He died at sea in 1810. He is buried beside Nelson in St. Paul's Cathedral. AUTHOR: Dennis Orde is an author and historian. 32 b/w illustrations

In the Shadow of Nelson Bewertungen

...a new look at the great age of fighting sail, told in competent, even compelling fashion by a fine practitioner of the Historian's craft...the best biography of Collingwood to date, and sets a new standard...--Nautical Research Journal

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In the Shadow of Nelson: The Life of Admiral Lord Collingwood Denis Orde
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