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Carmen Pomi s Chris Rowe

Carmen Pomi s von Chris Rowe

Carmen Pomi s Chris Rowe

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Carmen Pomi s' life is terrific life story, linking a fascinating individual to the events of the 20th century: two world wars, the advance of women's rights; society in France; migration; culture and society in post-war America.

Carmen Pomi s Zusammenfassung

Carmen Pomi s: Football Legend and Heroine of the French Resistance Chris Rowe

Carmen Pomi s (1900-1982) is a significant figure in the history of women's football in the interwar years. Carmen was in the first generation of women's sport in France, first in athletics, winning medals throwing the javelin in international competitions, and playing football for F mina Sports and France from 1920\\. Her life in sport is intertwined with key personalities such as Alice Milliat and Violette Morris. Carmen also played a huge part in the story of women's football in England: she played many times for and against the famous Dick, Kerr Ladies of Preston, including their 1922 football tour of the United States. Carmen became almost an honorary Englishwoman, making lifelong friends of important footballers such as Florrie Redford, Lily Parr and Lizzy Ashcroft. During these years, Carmen was not only a player but also an important influence in promoting the game and fighting for equality. Carmen also had fascinating siblings: her brother Georges was a film star and famous modern dancer who died tragically young, her older sister H l ne was a left-wing author and translator. From 1940 Carmen was secretary to a famous film star, Ren e Saint-Cyr, and was active in the French Resistance. In 1946, she settled in Rochester NY before moving to New York to work for the United Nations. From 1956, her life is shrouded in mystery because of gaps in the evidence. She died in France in 1982\\. So her life is about much more than just football!

Über Chris Rowe

Chris Rowe was born in Liverpool. He studied at Liverpool University, followed by postgraduate studies in London, Vienna and Providence, Rhode Island. He was a lecturer at the University of Victoria, Canada, specialising in the Age of Discovery before returning to England as Head of History at Winstanley College for 30 years. He was a Chief Examiner, setting A level History examinations, and author of textbooks, mostly on 20th century Europe. From 2003, he worked with the Council of Europe and Euroclio, training history teachers east of the former Iron Curtain. He joined Historiana as assistant editor in 2010 and from 2016 has authored materials for Football Makes History. This is his first book for Pen and Sword.

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Carmen Pomi s: Football Legend and Heroine of the French Resistance Chris Rowe
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