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Twisted Triangle von Caitlin Rother

Twisted Triangle Caitlin Rother

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A dramatic true tale of illicit love, revenge, and attempted murder This is the first complete and honest narrative thriller about the sensational story of Margo Bennett, a married FBI agent, who had a love affair with bestselling author Patricia Cornwell, and whose jealous husband, also in the FBI, kidnapped and attempted to murder her.

Twisted Triangle Zusammenfassung

Twisted Triangle: A Famous Crime Writer, a Lesbian Love Affair, and the FBI Husband's Violent Revenge Caitlin Rother

Praise for "Twisted Triangle": 'This book will haunt you. It will move you to look at some of the harsh realities of life in a new way. A powerful story - and masterfully written' - Aphrodite Jones best-selling author, "All She Wanted" and "Cruel Sacrifice". 'A harrowing tale of one woman's struggle to maintain a balance between being a mother, an FBI agent, and dealing with a corrupt husband also an FBI agent. A must-read' - Joseph D. Pistone aka Donnie Brasco. 'Hitchcock wishes he'd dreamed it up. Capote wishes he'd written it. Rother's mesmerizing narrative chronicles a wife's heroic struggle against great odds to survive her psychopathic husband's elaborate scheme to make her murder the perfect crime. This spellbinding tale offers an added treat - it's true' - Marcus Stern Pulitzer, Prize-winning journalist and author, "The Wrong Stuff: The Extraordinary Saga of Randy 'Duke' Cunningham, the Most Corrupt Congressman Ever Caught".'This in-depth account brought back memories of a most bizarre case, proving once again that the truth can be stranger than fiction' - Paul B. Ebert, Commonwealth's attorney, County of Prince William, Virginia.

Twisted Triangle Bewertungen

"It's a story more terrifying than her own bestselling thrillers - how novelist Patricia Cornwell's torrid affair...ended in...astonishing and savage revenge".Daily Mail Saturday 26 April 2008

Über Caitlin Rother

Caitlin Rother, a Pulitzer Prize-nominated investigative journalist, is the author of Poisoned Love, the true story of the Kristin Rossum murder case, and the thriller Naked Addiction. Rother has written for Cosmopolitan, the Los Angeles Times, the San Diego Union-Tribune, the Los Angeles Daily News, the Washington Post and the Boston Globe. John Hess, a retired FBI supervisory agent and Quantico instructor of 27 years, is the author of Interviewing and Interrogation for Law Enforcement and co-author of Writing for Law Enforcement.


Preface. Foreword. Margo Bennett. 1. Fighting Back. 2. Till Death Do Us Part. 3. Diamonds and Denial. 4. Uncomfortably Numb. 5. Prolonged Embraces. 6. The Divorce Battle Begins. 7. Abduction. 8. Mitigating Circumstances. 9. Paranoia. 10. The Main Event. 11. The Investigation: Gene's Plot Unfolds. 12. Prosecution: Crazy Like a Fox. 13. Defense: Incompetent Evil Ed. 14. Vindication. 15. Damage and Recovery. About the Author. Index.

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Twisted Triangle: A Famous Crime Writer, a Lesbian Love Affair, and the FBI Husband's Violent Revenge Caitlin Rother
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John Wiley & Sons Inc
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