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Planck Brandon R. Brown (Professor of Physics, Professor of Physics, University of San Francisco)

Planck von Brandon R. Brown (Professor of Physics, Professor of Physics, University of San Francisco)


The biography of Max Planck, a brilliant scientist living in Nazi Germany, and a man considered to be the father of quantum theory.

Planck Zusammenfassung

Planck: Driven by Vision, Broken by War Brandon R. Brown (Professor of Physics, Professor of Physics, University of San Francisco)

Planck's Law, an equation used by physicists to determine the radiation leaking from any object in the universe, was described by Albert Einstein as the basis of all twentieth-century physics. Max Planck is credited with being the father of quantum theory, and his work laid the foundation for our modern understanding of matter and energetic processes. But Planck's story is not well known, especially in the United States. A German physicist working during the first half of the twentieth century, his library, personal journals, notebooks, and letters were all destroyed with his home in World War II. What remains, other than his contributions to science, are handwritten letters in German shorthand, and tributes from other scientists of the time, including his close friend Albert Einstein. In Planck: Driven by Vision, Broken by War, Brandon R. Brown interweaves the voices and writings of Planck, his family, and his contemporaries-with many passages appearing in English for the first time-to create a portrait of a groundbreaking physicist working in the midst of war. Planck spent much of his adult life grappling with the identity crisis of being an influential German with ideas that ran counter to his government. During the later part of his life, he survived bombings and battlefields, surgeries and blood transfusions, all the while performing his influential work amidst a violent and crumbling Nazi bureaucracy. When his son was accused of treason related to a bombing, Planck tried to use his standing as a German national treasure, and wrote direct letters to Hitler to spare his son's life. Brown tells the story of Planck's friendship with the far more outspoken Albert Einstein, and shows how his work fits within the explosion of technology and science that occurred during his life. The story of a brilliant man living in a dangerous time, Brandon Brown gives Max Planck his rightful place in the history of science, and shows how war-torn Germany deeply impacted his life and work.

Planck Bewertungen

I loved every aspect of this engaging portrait of Max Planck. * Naomi Pasachoff, Metascience *
Historians of leading physicists and their complex scientific theories will appreciate Brown's inclusion of many of them here. He valiantly tries to explain these theories in simple terms, including Einsteins work, but often comes up short. This is not a weakness but an indication that sections of this book are intended for advanced readers. Understanding the science is not necessary to appreciate the main points of the book, however. In the end, Brown's work is not just a reflection of one man, albeit a remarkable one, nor simply an examination of the collective contributions of his many colleagues. Rather, this book is also an examination of evil and the many ways that people reacted to it. * David Mills, H-War *
Brandon Brown [focuses] on the tragedy of one man, the Nobel physicist Max Planck, whose son Erwin was executed because of nebulous connections to the plot to kill Hitler. The cruel inevitability of Erwin's fate is chillingly played out against the larger narrative of Plancks extraordinary life. Beautiful words describe terrible heartache. * Gerard DeGroot, Books of the Year 2015, The Times *
Brown's fervour is inspiring. He has done a great service by shedding light on the life and work of a very brilliant though troubled individual, 'father of quantum theory' and witness to the greatest upheavals of the 20th century. * History Today, Giulia Miller *
[Planck's story] is told rather perfectly... Since memories are by nature random and ephemeral, there's nothing linear about the way [his story] unfolds. That's precisely what makes this book so special. * The Times *
An illuminating biography... Brown interweaves a gripping backstory, ranging from Planck's landmark theoretical description of blackbody radiation to his loyal advocacy for fellow physicist Lise Meitner. * Nature *
A captivating biography. * Physics Today *
Planck had his flaws, but readers of this engrossing, insightful, and definitive biography will share Brown's admiration and agree that he deserves his iconic reputation. * Publisher's Weekly *

Über Brandon R. Brown (Professor of Physics, Professor of Physics, University of San Francisco)

Brandon R. Brown is a Professor of Physics at the University of San Francisco. He completed doctoral training in superconductivity, with postdoctoral work in science communication. His biophysics work on the electric sense of sharks, as covered by NPR and the BBC, has appeared in Nature, The Physical Review, and other research journals. His writing for general audiences has appeared in New Scientist, SEED, the Huffington Post, and other outlets.


Preface ; 1. October 1944 ; 2. April 1943 ; 3. June 1943 ; 4. October 1943 ; 5. December 1943 ; 6. January 1944 ; 7. February 1944 ; 8. March 1944 ; 9. May 1944 ; 10. June 1944 ; 11. July 1944 ; 12. August 1944 ; 13. November 1944 ; 14. January 1945 ; 15. April 1945 ; 16. May 1945 ; Coda: 1945-1947

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Planck: Driven by Vision, Broken by War Brandon R. Brown (Professor of Physics, Professor of Physics, University of San Francisco)
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