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Bücher von Kevin M. Cahill

Kevin M. Cahill, M.D. is University Professor and Director of Fordham University's Institute of International Humanitarian Affairs (IIHA). He also serves as President of the Center for International Humanitarian Cooperation (CIHC), Director of the Tropical Disease Center at Lenox Hill Hospital, Clinical Professor of Tropical Medicine and Molecular Parasitology at New York University School of Medicine, Chief Medical Advisor for Counterterrorism, NYPD, Professor of International Humanitarian Affairs at the Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland, and Senior Consultant to the United Nations Health Service. Dr. Cahill has served as Chief Advisor on Humanitarian Affairs and Public Health for three Presidents of the United Nations General Assembly.
Trade Wars von Kevin M. Cahill
Trade WarsKevin M. Cahill
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Human Security For All von Kevin M. Cahill
Human Security For AllKevin M. Cahill
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More with Less von Kevin M. Cahill
More with LessKevin M. Cahill
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Who Owns Britain von Kevin M. Cahill
Who Owns BritainKevin M. Cahill
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