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Future Girl Asphyxia

Future Girl von Asphyxia

Future Girl Asphyxia

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Future Girl explores what it means to come of age as a Deaf teenager, against the backdrop of a near-future Melbourne on the brink of environmental catastrophe.

Future Girl Zusammenfassung

Future Girl Asphyxia

Piper's mum wants her to be 'normal', to pass as hearing and get a good job. But when peak oil hits and Melbourne lurches towards environmental catastrophe, Piper has more important things to worry about, such as how to get food.

When she meets Marley, a CODA (child of Deaf adult), a door opens into a new world - where Deafness is something to celebrate rather than hide, and where resilience is created through growing your own food rather than it being delivered on a truck.

As she dives into learning Auslan, sign language that is exquisitely beautiful and expressive, Piper finds herself falling hard for Marley. But Marley, who has grown up in the Deaf community yet is not Deaf, is struggling to find his place in the hearing world. How can they be together?

Future Girl is the art journal of sixteen-year-old Piper, a visual extravaganza of text, paint, collage and drawings, woven into a deeply engaging coming-of-age story set in near-future Melbourne.

'A life-changing book for young Deaf and disabled people...demonstrating the importance of the #OwnVoices movement.' CARLY FINDLAY, OAM

'Asphyxia's work is brilliant: a deep, original insight, and a book that everyone should read.' JACKIE FRENCH, AM

'Asphyxia tilts the world sideways and invites you to see what was always there. Don't miss this book.' AMIE KAUFMAN

'Future Girl captures the...amazing feeling of belonging to a culture with its own language, community, history and traditions.' DRISANA LEVITZKE-GRAY, Young Australian of the Year 2015

'Beautiful, immersive...a sensory feast.' JACLYN MORIARTY

'I f*%#~ing love this book. Extraordinary...the reader emerges from the book completely transformed.' ADAM POTTLE

'I really enjoyed this gorgeous book and related to so many things. That is rare. I can't wait for the world to read Future Girl.' ANNA SEYMOUR

'Future Girl confronts the challenges ahead of us and will open minds and hearts to the possibility of other worlds.' SEAN WILLIAMS

Future Girl Bewertungen

'This gentle yet honest story is true to one Deaf experience and is a pleasure to read, with artistic designs on every page and full illustrations and personal touches scattered throughout. The text and illustrations also introduce readers to basic permaculture concepts...Asphyxia skillfully interweaves subjects, including the diversity of Deaf language usage and access, Deaf interactions with the police, and having a friend in an abusive relationship...A distressingly insightful vision of the future that also offers warmth and hope.' STARRED REVIEW, Kirkus Reviews, USA

'Future Girl is clever, complex and generous...This book is art activism-a call for community and connection when we desperately need it.' Bec Kavanagh, Books+Publishing

'Fans of dystopian and realistic fiction will savor this engaging work, and the message will resonate with young activists seeking their own purpose. A standout must-read for teens and adults.' STARRED REVIEW, School Library Journal, US

'Asphyxia has achieved something extraordinary here. [It's] not just an immersive story of Piper McBride's coming-of-age. It is not just a call to action in the face of hunger and environmental destruction. Asphyxia turns the reader into a seed, planting them in her dazzlingly fertile garden of a book, and as the reader nestles deeper into the soil of Piper's journey from timid girl to a vigorous fighter who embraces her Deaf self, the reader emerges from the book completely transformed, full of exhilarating growth, a flower as gorgeous and healthy as any that Piper grows.' Adam Pottle, author of The Black Drum and Voice: On Writing with Deafness

'A delightful and absorbing young adult fiction (and semi-graphic novel)...Future Girl combines traditional teen romance with the ominous air of a Margaret Atwood novel, plus a liveliness of spirit that drives you through the story. Not simply text-based, Piper's beautiful drawings and designs can be seen on every page. A must read.' Raphaelle Race, The Big Issue

'This brilliant book combines arresting themes with engaging characters and a compelling storyline...In these COVID times the reader may well be as inspired as Piper to get growing - and perhaps to learn Auslan.' Katharine England, The Advertiser

'This powerful dystopian coming-of-age novel, set in a futuristic Melbourne during an environmental crisis, comes in the form of an exquisite art journal...Through her creative use of language, Deaf author and activist Asphyxia makes Piper's experiences palpable and gives readers an eye-opening insight into the Deaf community.' The White Ravens Database, International Youth Library Foundation, Germany

'Have you ever come across a book and just thought to yourself, That is the coolest book I've ever seen? Well, I do it a lot...but Future Girl is, hands down, the best one I've seen in a long while.' BuzzFeed

'Having attended several Deaf Awareness training sessions in my working life I just wish someone had given me this book instead - it seems to place you inside a deaf person's mind, so you can really grasp the difficulties and joys of being deaf, and the hearing world's reaction to that. This book should be in every secondary school - it gives such a vivid picture of life for a deaf person, whilst the presentation is so beautiful it draws the reader in. Do read it!' LoveReading 4 Kids, UK

'This is a powerful love story, with equally powerful messages about climate change, self-sufficiency, different experiences of deafness, inclusion and fitting in...and each page is a visual joy.' BookTrust, UK

'Everything about this book is brilliant...I highly recommend THE WORDS IN MY HANDS for its representation, the storyline, character development and the beautiful art journal style and illustrations. Most books offer the reader one thing, whether it's a good story or information, and this one is giving you multiple things in one.' Just Geeking By, US

'This is my new favourite book and I can't stop thinking about it. It makes me want to nurture a food garden and delve deeper into what we can achieve as we think about our future. Highly recommended for readers of about 13 to adult.' Louise Ward, Wardini Books, NZ

'Future Girl is quite possibly the most unique book I've ever read! The visual elements were absolutely stunning and I feel like I learned so much. I also love that the book is #OwnVoices. I would recommend this book to anyone looking for something different!' Laurabookish (Instagram)

'A must-read!' Hear for You

The range of emotions Piper feels in relation to her deafness is huge, and all these emotions are convincingly displayed. Two of the other characters in the book are also disabled. One is deaf and the other is a wheelchair user. They both exert a truly positive influence on Piper's life. She has a boyfriend whose hearing is unimpaired. His mother however is deaf. She is the one who teaches Piper to sign. The relationship between teacher and pupil is exquisitely portrayed. Asphxia's artwork is so potent that it almost becomes a character in its own right. The book will be read with profit and pleasure by all readers, whether or not disabled.' 5 STARS, Dr Rebecca Butler, Books For Keeps, UK

'A powerful tale of becoming.' CM Reviews, US

'Deaf/HH (hard of hearing) teenagers are going to devour Future Girl, with its depiction of the daily obstacles and shared experiences that they rarely see on the written page. They will feel included and acknowledged, often for the first time...They will feel included and acknowledged, often for the first time...Through Asphyxia's novel we explore many positive changes hearing people can make to adapt, adjust and communicate clearly and visually to fit into Piper's life...Asphyxia has touched upon so many of the current and long-standing issues faced by Deaf people in our society today.' Joanne Tarpey, teacher of the deaf

Über Asphyxia

Asphyxia is an artist, writer and public speaker. Author of the much-loved junior fiction series the Grimstones, Asphyxia has also been a circus performer and puppeteer. An avid art-journal creator, she loves to share her process and help others benefit from this amazing tool for self-expression, problem-solving, planning, goal-tracking and self-esteem.

Deaf since the age of three, Asphyxia learnt to sign when she was eighteen, which changed her life. She is now a Deaf activist, sharing details of Deaf experience. She raises awareness of oppression of Deaf people and what we can do to change this. Her free online Auslan course (www.asphyxia.com.au) has had over 15,000 students.

Asphyxia is kept busy with her small farm where she combines food-growing with art - creating a magical aesthetic with plants and natural elements.

Her novel for teens, Future Girl, combines all these passions.

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Future Girl Asphyxia
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