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Napper Alan Jackaman

Napper von Alan Jackaman

Napper Alan Jackaman

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Records the tragic circumstances which led to one man committing a sequence of vicious sexual assaults through to the murders of Rachel Nickell and Samantha and Jazmine Bisset. It has taken Alan Jackaman over 25 years to come to terms with what he experienced, but he now tells of his part in the downfall of serial killer Robert Napper.

Napper Zusammenfassung

Napper: Through a Glass Darkly Alan Jackaman

The book contains information not until now in the public domain and tells of the author's tenacity as a lower-ranking officer in the face of dwindling resources and sometimes disparagement by more senior investigators. A straightforward account of the solving of heinous and complex crimes, it also delves into media fascination with serious offences and shows how the press may latch on to one murder whilst ignoring another, even more horrific, one. The author was an investigator on the Bisset case from the day of the murder through to seeing that case linked first to south-London's Green Chain Walk rapes and the discovery that Napper also killed Rachel Nickell on Wimbledon Common - a case in which the wrong man was targeted and charged by other officers. The book also looks at the mind of Robert Napper, his bizarre behaviour, family history and `doodlings' and the fact that sheer `chance' allowed him to remain free for so long. By the detective who arrested Napper. Looks at the emergence of criminal profiling. Enters the mind of a psychotic killer. Shows how media `obsession' can hinder justice. Contains unpublished material.

Über Alan Jackaman

Alan Jackaman spent over twenty-five years as a police officer, most of his service within the CID and the majority of that investigating murder. He was selected to be part of the first ever Metropolitan Police dedicated Murder Investigation Team created in 1994. He continued investigating murders until his retirement from active police work.

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Napper: Through a Glass Darkly Alan Jackaman
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